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One can not be involved in organized crime without first being an individual with a criminal mind. Organized crime would not exist if it were not for the individual criminal mind coming together with another and so forth. To have a criminal mind then the question that is most important and relevant in any criminal discussion is ' are criminals born evil?, or are they made evil?'. Either side of this discussion would have lengthy and valid recommendations, but this author is swinging toward that criminals are made evil. The criminal mind (minus mental disorders) are able to exist based on what it is taught in life the same way the average person can gain competencies for employment, raising a family, and experiencing love and emotions by the knowledge it gains through life's teaching. This statement is proven statistically with a higher percentile of criminal behaviour coming from lower (poorer), or middle class families.

This side of disadvantaged society is more likely to have generational criminal aspects with a subject having witnessed or been taught criminality via direct contact with another family member which is likely to be a parent. This can relate to blue collar, white collar crimes, rape, robbery, domestic violence etc, and then to gang activity which has become organized by these individuals coming together. Serial killers and rapists are proven to be more likely from middle class families. Families where either one parent is absent a lot of the time to keep the family afloat by working, or both parents are forced to work extended hours to remain adrift (which is becoming more common). This parental neglect is proven to encourage emotional and or personality disorders with detrimental consequences. Serial killers are well known for feeling no emotion toward their actions in regard to victimology and some of the worst ones claim to feel no emotion at all and all put some emphasis on parental neglect which has taught them how not to feel emotions.

A persons childhood is the key element to what will create an adolescent and then an adult criminal. Science states that we learn 80 per cent of all our knowledge between the ages of 18-21 and 70 per cent of that knowledge has been gained at the ripe old age of 8-9 years old. If these statistics are true or in the ball park at least, then a criminal was taught by the example mentioned above 70 per cent of what they need to know to be a criminal by the age of 9 which will shape the future criminal act once their means to committ the act is there by physical growth. Of course there are exceptions to every rule but the statistics are there and I believe that no one is developed in the womb to be evil, but are taught via their personal circumstances and societal surrounds in a learning context.

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