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That person is just criminal. Have you ever heard that statement? Probably over a hundred times in your life. Everyone has their own opinion of what a criminal is or what a criminal actually does. Rarely do individuals look at their own actions and define them as criminal. Though most do touch the tips of criminal activity, most are not prosecuted for their actions because they are so common it would fill up the court system, worse than it already is.

A criminal is someone who commits or attempts to commit an unlawful, illegal, immoral act against another, without regard for others safety or their own safety. A criminal is one who shows any form of disrespect for the laws set forth by governing authorities to protect the health, welfare and safety of the public at any time or place. A criminal is one who fails to recognize laws or rules, or take responsibility for their own self control or actions.

Usually the behavior in a more serious criminal builds up or escalates until they no longer have control of their own life. At which point the system will step in (if it isn't too late and they are already doing their job) and take control of the situation for you. If the system don't step in, usually another person that either cares about the criminal or a person that simply makes them want to stop, either by force another criminal event or some other means to control the situation themselves.
Just because an individual hasn't been convicted of a crime, does not mean that they are not a criminal. People commit crimes daily that are not against the law. Crimes against humanity, animials, others and themself, just because of religious, personal, mental, political or any other belief they have instilled in themselves. The type of crime that is being committed leaves room for discussion and analysis in order to determine if a person is criminal or there was a crime actually committed in the first place. It is entirely dependent on so many factors, such as victims, damage and many other situations.
For others that do not break or violate laws or rules, they could be defined as criminals based solely on their lack of moral value and self control. Some feel, individuals that show a disregard for their fellow mans well being is a criminal act and label others as criminal, when they have committed no legal crime, they merely choose to live differently with different values and ideas.

Others walk around and ignore the needs or problems society presents. Is it criminal to be indifferent and ignore your fellow man? It all depends on who you are, what the law is and what your moral values are. Only then can you make a clear definition within yourself and your own beliefs what the definition of a criminal truly is.

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