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"A MAN is shot dead while sitting at a bar in Prague, in the Czech Republic. Why? The gunman was annoyed by the loud music the victim was playing on his personal cassette player. A motorist is clubbed to death with a hockey stick at an intersection in Cape Town, South Africa. His attacker was apparently upset because the victim had flashed his lights at him. A British nurse living in Australia has her front door kicked in by an enraged former boyfriend; he soaks her with petrol, sets her on fire, and leaves her to die".

Crimes diversify from types, motifs and personal attitudes. The news we digest every day often evolves crime of some sort, heard or unheard, crime disparity now more than ever is sky rocking, and anyone sane wonder, what make a person behave in such way. Our society today is are very stressful one, making an individual burst out easily.

Some crimes often evolve violence anticipated by outburst of negative emotions; Anger, stress and rage, often associate with violence. But violence solely is rarely the result of a crime, Rather it's more linked with personal attitudes and the accumulation of stress and other hidden reasons. Other becomes criminal because of greed, financial situation, or poor judgment.

The history of crime in an individual (criminal) might have long past connections or it might develop quickly if you let circumstance nourish it towards such behavior.

When things don't go the way some had expected, they might, misguide turn to crime for answers.

If a person is unable to suppress what they feel or pass over stress it might result in some kind of emotional eruption therefore causing "damages" crime wise.

In today's society crimes are portrait in the media and neighborly to the extent that the values of individuals within that society will develop accordingly.

Studies have shown that "what we put in our mouths may also be nourishing anger. Cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, and an unhealthful diet increase hostility. These epidemic life-style habits fuel stress and frustration that erupts in the form of swearing, impatience, and intolerance".

There's many unreasonable reasons that motivates a person to indulge in criminals behaviors, from misunderstanding, attitudes, vengeance, jealously, rage, hate personal "eeriness", chronic stress or just having bad or unhealthy thoughts and consummate them, from being poor or rich, black or white, none of which should be an excuse of a criminal mind. Crimes are unjustified but criminals are to be justified. Unfortunately many criminals remain unidentified.

Some believe that human nature is inclined to do bad and believe that it's in our genes (metabolism) to be so. But I think is what we let in our mind that greatly influence decisions we make, same reason I think its wise to cultivate good and positives thoughts no matter the situation and always remember, we shall overcome our frustration using better methods than indulge in crimes.

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