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About two thousand years ago Jesus Christ walked the Earth and was of the opinion that all human beings were sinners. I myself wonder if there are any living people today that have not violated one or more of God's "Ten Commandments."

The question here to ponder and maybe arrive at an answer is: How many of those "Ten Commandments" pertain to criminal behavior on the part of those people who violate some or all of those "Ten Commandments?'

Surely, "Thou Shall Not Steel" certainly is one way to remain an honest person. How nice Life would be if all of us adhered to that wise piece of advice. On the other hand, there are more criminals walking around these days than there were ten years ago.

Greed and the desire to get rich quick is the motivating factor that causes most people to take from others. To them, the rewards derived from taking from others far out weigh the penalties for getting caught and sent to prison. The idea that a person can become rich beyond its wildest dreams as a result of just one criminal act is enough to tempt the most honest of people. It might be true that God will forgive their sin but the victims of such crimes want justice.

So too, the commission of an immoral act, within most modern societies, is considered to be a criminal act. Such a crime is either the mental or the physical abuse and/or violation of the body of another person or lower from of life. "Thou shall not kill."

And yet, it seems that the people of our Earth have been in constant conflict with each other before Mankind learned to read and write. In my opinion, all killing, including those killings that are sanctioned by the people within the Governments of the Nations of our World, are nothing more than crimes against Humanity. Wars are the cause for nearly all of the grief, sudden deaths and suffering that Mankind has endured for thousands of years.

In addition, there are those among us who are insane. That is, they do not know the difference between right and wrong and their behavior is governed only by what they most want to do, regardless of who they hurt and the way in which they do injure or kill those innocent victims. In other words, they do not act in accordance with the laws of God and Mankind. Rapists and serial killers commit such acts of violence for their own self-gratification and no other reason. When caught and convicted for such crimes they usually spend a whole lot of the rest of their life in a prison, or in a place for the criminally insane or they are executed by their captors.

Then there is the saddest reason of all reasons of why a person would commit a criminal act and, in fact, become a criminal. Like it or not, people require food, shelter and medical care in order to remain as healthy and as alive as they can be. When a person does not have a job and cannot easily obtain employment before he or she is no longer able to support themself, you better believe that the person will resort to crime as a means to stay alive. Few among us are just willing to starve to death without first doing anything that is required to stay alive. These days, due to world-wide depressed economic conditions, governments and organized charities are hard pressed to provide adequate food and shelter to those who require the help of others in order to survive. We have yet to witness the worst of what will happen in the future, and may God have mercy upon all of our souls.
Many so call business people can also be criminals if they charge too much for what they are selling. Such a crime is known as price gouging and the worst of the bunch commit extortion, rather than receive a fair profit for their selling efforts. Some say that such greed is truly the cause for the World-wide depressed economy. Depression too is truly a crime.

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