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Thoughts are Things

You are the sum total of all of your thoughts and desires and wants. This is as simple as saying 'you are what you eat' and just as truthful. The intaking of spirit, and spiritual awareness is a direct statement of who you are spiritually and mentally, just as the food we partake of directs the flow of physical life in our bodies.

People want to know facts, and living and breathing the facts that we are spiritual beings now in a physical body demonstrates that death and sadness is overcome. Imagination and intention is the key to the infinite, which is not something to be feared and obeyed, but a set of natural laws that simply is.

It is life and love itself bringing light and hope to us and everyone we come into contact with. Especially when we not only live these facts on Sunday morning, but every day of our lives being who we are; the sum total of our thoughts and beliefs that we can and must live wholeheartedly every single day

We are a part of that infinite love and life, which is boundless. The divine spark within us holds all memory of past and future. "From the first dawn of light upon this infant globe, when round its cradle the storm curtain hung, Nature has been photographing every moment," says William Denton. This is what some term fate or destiny.

We can choose which reality to create, to live. Natural laws and our own awareness of them determine what is brought to us or unfolds before us with each step we take. The law of desire is basically the law of thought; set an ideal and then pursue it with every ounce of your consciousness. Our desires begin as thoughts way down deep in the depths of divine consciousness, and it is through this natural law that we can attain the things and surroundings we truly want. Want will always want and wishes are only that, but desire focused intensely will not only expand our mental horizon, but also begin the miraculous journey of manifestation.

Living as true spiritual beings shows that we are independent minds; that we are not mere sheep believing in the things we are told to believe in out of fear (speaking to the fear most men have of the unknown). We believe what we believe out of the facts we have witnessed ourselves, out of the truth in philosophy that we have read and regarded as truth for our own selves.

Yes, we have many wonderful teachers to seek out and ask of their truths, but always we are lead to what is true in our heart. What a beautiful spirit, what a beautiful person we make out of ourselves by showing the world how we have striven to find our own answers.

We are only love, and we are the creators of our own universe as the law of vibration states that all life is vibration. A thought is not merely a thought, and a word not simply a word, but each a true vibratory force setting energy into motion.

By gaining insight into our own thoughts, we then can gain control over our words and thus our universe. Many people do sad things to themselves or others because of feeling lack of control over their own lives.

Know thyself, is a common quote from oracles at Delphi along with philosophers and psychologists alike. As an independent mind we must control our actions, and this can begin simplest by recognizing and then controlling our thought patterns. Let us think, speak and be only love, thus creating a wonderful universe to live in for ourselves, and generations to follow.

Creativity is the connection to that part of our mind most connected with the Infinite, through love of course. As we let spirit flow magically through us onto the paper or into the music many of us experience this wonderful feeling the more and more we let go, and the more beautiful our chosen field of work becomes.

This creative power can be used in any, yes, any part of our life that we choose to focus our attention on, and then let it go to the power of the Infinite. This is what allows the great beauty we create in our minds, or on paper, or into music, or even the way we raise our children or use the time we have when walking to the bus stop to manifest into our regular, every-day lives as something else even more beautiful.

In Dan Millman's book, The Life, the Law of Choices states that the most basic choice we have is the choice to bring our creative energies into play with the world in negative or positive ways. In each of us are heroes; speak to them and they will come forth. I think this law could more readily be known as the law of creativity. As the world spins out around us from our center, it is up to us what shall be sent out and therefore brought back to us. I must say that the most beautiful and lovely feeling auras are those of the artist. There are many types of artists of course, and many of us are learning to make the very life we lead a huge work of art.

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