Could Time Travel be possible in the Future

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"Could Time Travel be possible in the Future"
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Could time travel be possible in the future? In my opinion, time travel is the future, because time is never ceasing and it will continue until the end of all time, and it is in all of our futures until the end of our lives. We cannot stop it, we cannot capture it, we cannot seal it...time travel keeps traveling and absorbing days to months to years and continues on and on. A good example of time travel is to take a look at our lives...when we were but babes, we thought time was for an eternity, and what happened? One day we wake to find a stranger looking back at us in the mirror, it's hard to recognize that once strong jawed face and strong bodied person we once knew. We stopped for a second, and asked the question, "Where did the time go?" Time continues to tick and tick until time expires again and again..,life after life, repeating and repeating.

There's no end to time until there is "no" eternity to face. Time is precious in our lives but a lot of times we waste it, use it wrongly, don't take time to appreciate it, don't enjoy it until it's too late, and then we wish we could re-capture it and live it over again. To me, as a person gets older time goes faster and faster...a week is like a day, a month is like a week, and a year is like a month. Time is hard to write about because it keeps passing regardless what we do.

When I was but a child, I thought to reach the age of twenty-one would be one of the greatest feats in my life, the days went by so slow and I would think, "I'll never live to be "twenty-one" years old. School days, weeks, months seemed like an eternity, and I would get so tired of being a little girl in a want to be grown up adult body. Did any of you readers ever feel when you were young that the clock's hands had stuck and time stood still? Well, I did, and I can still remember how I waited to become an adult, and now, I live to have those great memories of time gone by when I was just a young child.

The future is time waiting to awaits those new born's, teens, young adults, and seniors, who still have to face the days in their lives. We cannot escape time because it is part of our existence. We must face the clock every day and know that time still awaits all of us, and it does not stop ticking even when we are no longer existing on this earth. Time is eternal until the curtain goes down on this earth. The best thing for all of us to do is "not" worry about time but live each day as if it were our last.

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