Could there be Life on other Planets Tents in the Heavens

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"Could there be Life on other Planets Tents in the Heavens"
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Ancient historical text books and even Indigenous folk have declared there is life out there which - in the form of human - came to earth. Facts are, they had to come from somewhere, and that would be other planets.

They are described as beings - even ancestors - returning to the stars. They are represented as teachers, so have to be intelligent life to leave evidence of what they taught. Basically, most records we have of in past script became sacred, as these beings were supernatural in many documentations. This is when they became the many gods of the various nations, venerated to the point of becoming religions.

We can practically name any round the world who have in their way explained the comings and goings of their gods. Where others - utilizing transcendental - have had the ability to appear out of no-where and been referred to as angels. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is why angels have always been depicted with wings of flight. Because there is no other way they could explain such supernatural movement as their transportation.

Yet, as far back as the 1940, the USA were experimenting in 'here now and then disappearance' via the USS Elderige Ship at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. What is known is that it was connected to the electromagnetic radiation, gravity, and trial of utilizing some aspect of the unified field theory. This later was and is used, to search further into the propulsion of UFO's!

Point is, despite the problems and part success of the disappearance and re-appearance, they were not experimenting without a belief - despite all denials which may follow - that some UFO's are for real, and very out of this world in their functions. So is there life on other planets ? Some-one has to man these craft - which maneuver in ways we earthlings have yet to conquer, or we would be using them as our own Light Craft, and not our ships of only the sky-ways, or our trials at still reaching in person, further than our own moon.

Only now, NASA is referring to their research and trials with 'Light Craft'. There must be content enough to take these steps to reach this life on other planets, instead of robotic, unmanned craft, which can only scan our own given Milky Way galaxy in search of other life-promising planets. Only one galaxy of +- 300 billion stars!  Then, it is stated there are probably 170 Billion Galaxies in the known Universe. Who are we but specks of dust?

How in heaven's name - with all due respect to the heavenly host, and the 'heavens' - which we are told in the Old Testament, were 'set out as a tent to dwell in'... from the start. It could only mean in which to live We, like our Earth, are already in this Space. Are those times gone by - written in sacred text - a history mentally blotted out?

Is the thought of it all too much to swallow, that we are also extra terrestrials of this same Space to anyone beyond? The further out we go, we are in the cold dark regions of Outer Space. Our great Astronomer, Dr Carl Sagan was inspired when in 1994 Voyager 1. was on the fringes of our Solar System, and engineers turned to take a photo of our earth, which he later wrote a book called 'A Pale Blue Dot'.

Yet we still remain in denial. Defense reaction steps in, that 'other life' looking like ourselves could not possibly be anywhere else in this whole wide Universe we still cannot truthfully measure. How small are we really? We literally are just the 'mote of dust suspended on a sunbeam', and too proud to accept anyone else beyond ourselves.

To Reason in this is to know there is more beyond just the Earth in an expanse of such magnitude as the Universal Space we are all a part of. There would be no life on earth were there none on other planets first.

We just have to be honest with ourselves instead of remaining in the dark of disbelief that there is life is out there - way beyond our intelligence - and that we have to even grow into a peace-loving world, if we want to even reach them.

Think!  Next time we look out into our night sky which gives us a far better view into that Outer Space, that there just might be some-one looking back at us. Who, if they do call in by just passing overhead, are not believed in anyway. Would we keep visiting anyone who denied our existence, and cut us off as only imagination?

Maybe when we can embrace this Life on other planets, we might prove we are intelligent enough ourselves, and learn more than we still search for.

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