Could there be Life on other Planets

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"Could there be Life on other Planets"
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If you ever have seen the science show on t.v about the findings in the deep blue sea, you would of noticed the new underwater creatures that they found. It was a show of new types of fish below the sea level where men had never gone before. A special device had to be used to see miles passed the depths were no person can go because the pressure of the water would crush the person's body to pieces. These finding were amazing to everyone who were involved in that adventure. Fishes that found were transparent, you could see all the way through them, and if they were not moving you could not see them at all, for they were fully camouflage by the water. The depth of the sea was so deep that no light could shine down there, it is in full darkness 24 hours a day. The creatures down there had no color at all, inside or out. A whole new world was discovered in a place where they once believed it was in possible for any living creatures to exist.

There must be life on other planets, for just like in the deep waters on earth, it took special tools to be able to see down in that type of environment but what they found were not as they would imagine, even great whales like the ones we know but a total different way to see them due to there living conditions. I do believe that there is no space that is being wasted and no environment that has no life form.
It takes the right type of tools, with the understanding of the environment and the willingness to accept what is found. On this earth we have fish in water but on other planets we must consider if creatures live in water, or if they are creatures of a different source . Unknown to us on earth, is the lack of understanding of the environments of the other plants, so we believe that there is no existence. Looking at all the findings that we have on earth have come up with overtime, we will notice that there is nothing wasted all around us and everything has a purpose, as well all things look as though they have an effect on us. Even the sun which is miles and miles away in space, is there also to give us light, energy and nutrition.
Could it be that like on earth we have creatures who can camouflage themselves? So then what if the creatures on the other planets do camouflage themselves from us permanently and we are left to believe there are none but there is really life there. Also remember that the eagle see very far, and the birds that see clear at night, there are different type of eyes based on the environment lived in. There is life on other planets. What type of eyes do we need to see them with? what type of tools do we need to learn and find out about them, will we go to great lengths to find out? The wind we can not see, but it is real.

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