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The first question that I asked at the sudden I have the dream of becoming as Astronomer was "Could there be life on other planets?". However, I asked this question to myself, because I know that the people and the community around me will not have any answer for me as I was only a teenager at that moment.

Although I was a teenager, I kept this question in my mind, and recorded it everywhere so I could always remind myself to think about this question. Nobody was able to stop me to figure out of this. With my curiosity, I always ask the question that may confuse someone. For example, "Can we move to another planet and stay there forever?", or "How far can we see to the outerspace if we only stay in the Earth?".

Since there are telescopes invented in this world, we can observe what is in the space. Moreover, there is the Hubble Space Telescope(HST), the telescope orbiting outerspace around the Earth, is able to see more and further then the normal telescopes in the ground, because Hubble Space Telescope has overcome the most annoying problem, it's the atmosphere. The atmosphere can prevent someone to observe the star clearly and distinctly while it can refract the light into the Earth.

About the first question I asked myself, my answer is YES. There could be life on other planets. Perhaps, there is the same question is being asked by the living thing on the other planets too! "Could there be life in the Earth?" Perhaps, they don't call our Earth as "Earth", they could call it as another name, or even not our understood language.

The life on the other planets could be more powerful than us. They may need not the oxygen in circulation, but using the other condition of life. Therefore, they may not be able to stay in our Earth too!

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