Could there be Life on other Planets

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"Could there be Life on other Planets"
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Is Suns with planets rare? I do not think so, just have a look at our solar system, there is 8 planet and lots of moons, surely there must be planets in most, if not all solar systems. It must be a natural thing forming in most solar-system.

This also mean that life must exist in a multitude of places, which leave us with this question: Why haven't we heard from any one? Surely they are there, so let us look at reasons for not contacting us:

For any civilization to be at our stage, with the same technology might be a rare thing. Let us say we are in the middle of what is possible to achieve in knowledge and technology, then there will be many there haven't reach our level yet, and many there are well ahead of us. Only a few will be at our level and have systems similar to ours, most likely they will be to far away or their signals have not reach us yet.

Why then haven't we been contacted by the many there must be well ahead of us?
1. They are using another form for communication.
2. They are not interested in contacting us.
3. They have reach a step on the ladder of discovery, a fatal discovery there have destroyed everything.

Any intelligent life out there must be ruled by the same laws that nature has given us. They have to start where we started. To melt Iron they first have to learn making fire, and to make an atomic bomb they have to discover electricity first.
Every one out there is under the same natural laws as we are, like climbing a ladder, everyone have to start at the bottom.

Here is what I fear could very well be the reason why there have been no contact!.. We are at the atomic age, the age where information and knowledge is increasing with an accelerating speed. But unknown to us, a new discovery might exist, unlocking a force so powerful it could destroy our planet. It might be something just waiting to be discovered. It will be a discovery and invention that become so powerful that man can not contain it, everyone will be caught unaware of the catastrophic result this discovery and invention has caused.

It will look like a simple and natural next step to take on the ladder of discovery, but it will be fatal. Of all the steps on this ladder of discovery every intelligent civilization has to climb it in the same order we do. Let us say there is fifty steps on this ladder and step fifty is fatal to any one going there.
This could very well be the reason, why no one has contacted us yet. It may sound like a far out proposition,and I surely hope it is, but as I see it.. It could be the very sad reality, if knowledge is accelerating to far ahead of wisdom.

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