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Could the AIDS Virus be Viewed as a Natural way to Stabilize Population Growth – Yes

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"Could the AIDS Virus be Viewed as a Natural way to Stabilize Population Growth - Yes"
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Sure the AIDS virus could be viewed as nature's reaction to a nasty cold. Similar to the way that a body temperature will raise during bouts of infection, so the earth has cleansed itself in the past. The plague could have also been viewed in the same light. True the plague came about through the pestilence that was the mid evil man, but still this unclean habitat was largely due to over population and under education. It's not hard to theorize that these viral epidemics are just another way that Mother Nature is telling us that we're doing a little too much harm to the earth.

This theory becomes easier to comprehend once you take into account that the earth is just as much alive as you and I. In theory it's as simple as natural selection, singling out those susceptible to the virus, until immunity is passed down through a persons genes. Unlike other viruses though, as a populous we cannot immunize through inoculation. Polio was once considered an epidemic, through modern medicine and technologies though, an immunization process was found. So another question lies, what makes it that much harder to acquire an immunization technique?

The most apparent of reasons why there has been a slow to none cure' or formidable weapon against AIDS is that it is a newer of many virulent diseases. The plague and measles have been around for centuries, giving the human plenty of time to work and experiment on the diseases. Plague has never really even died out; it was just a matter of hygiene. From 1896 through 1918, the plague swept through India killing 12.5 million people. Any later epidemics seen have never been as great as those in the 14th and 15th centuries, where it butchered it's way through seven countries in Europe whipping out the populous. Looking back on how they had treated the earth and what was given to them, it would come as no surprise to find out that the disease was just a way of eradicating a nasty virus.

These mass epidemics and infectious outbreaks have been plaguing mankind and the other inhabitants of this planet since over growth became a problem. It is only recently that we've seen such events on such a large scale. Thanks to newer technologies in medicine we can live twice the age that our ancestors ever could. To the planet Earth we are but little parasites, feeding off her landscape. The anti-bodies of her blood stream have just become more prevalent in response to our wanting to live. In conclusion, yes, AIDS and other viruses could very well be nature's way of saying "You are not doing my body good." It's not so much a matter of, is it or is it not, but is there or is there not? Is there a way to retrace the missteps we have taken as a domineering species? Should we ultimately take a look at how we as people have been changing the face of this planet since an intelligent mind stepped forth and used a rock to kill for gain? My answer to that would be good luck trying.

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