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Could the AIDS Virus be Viewed as a Natural way to Stabilize Population Growth – Yes

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"Could the AIDS Virus be Viewed as a Natural way to Stabilize Population Growth - Yes"
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I think that the sad reality of life throughout the ages is that if it kills then it stabilizes population growth. I think that is why the world seems to go in cycles and be hit by various plagues throughout the ages that kill vast amounts of people. The Flu of 1918 certainly proved that point. Has the dreaded plague of the Dark Ages went in stages throughout Europe killing huge amounts of people. All of these diseases seemed to control the population. And they also seemed to often hit the less fortunate of the world and wipe out vast amounts who lived in virtual poverty. That can be said of Typhus, Cholera, Small Pox, and numerous other killers.

AID's has certainly struck the gay community and also its share of straight people. But I think that we can also step back and see what its doing in Africa today. It is literally afflicting millions of unfortunate people and the drugs are just not there to extend their lives. So men, women, and children are being affected by the AIDS virus and they are dying like they have throughout the history books in places of poverty and less fortunate. This is all somehow natures way of population growth. As cruel as that is.

Imagine if we didn't have disease and war. The world would be unable to support the masses. Even today in places like Africa and India it is virtually imposable for the land and the economy to support the huge quantities of people. Certain African countries have been struck by bloody war and even that is not enough to control the population explosion that has taken place there. Now we have the AIDS virus which seems to be wiping out more people then the wars ever thought of.

So I do think that natures way is to create drug resistant diseases that, unfortunately, kill. It seems to go in waves through history. I think that most of the experts agree with this or we wouldn't have one documentary after another about the fear of another pandemic striking the world. It has been almost a hundred years since the last Flu outbreak which killed millions. I think that mankind lives in fear that Mother Nature is brewing another killer that will be uncontrollable and will lay waste to vast amounts of people. It seems inevitable that history continue to repeat itself over and over again as the need to control population arises.

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