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Could the AIDS Virus be Viewed as a Natural way to Stabilize Population Growth – No

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"Could the AIDS Virus be Viewed as a Natural way to Stabilize Population Growth - No"
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In a rational, scientific, historical sense, yes, the AIDs virus could be viewed as a natural population stabilitate. So could cancer and heart disease. And, it is much easier to see all of this tragedy as nature "taking its course" if the one who is analyzing, is himself/herself, not dying from AIDs, or cancer or heart disease.

So, in the interest of my own personal ethics, I have chosen to defend the human being at a micro-analytical level. And to my knowledge, I have no life threatening diseases.

This personal ethic of mine, to not de-humanize those who are suffering, is based on three roots. Firstly, while I can be highly analytical and aloof, to me, a human being is just that, regardless of their behavior and even if I get angry and call them a "dog" or a "pig". Secondly, my parents raised me to think this way. Thirdly, it is akin to a great sin to dismiss the suffering of mankind as a "population stabilitate".

Far be it from me to engage in any sort of censorship, however, I think that there are some conversations better left behind closed doors. On the other hand, how refreshing to look upon the mindset of Americans.

As a person who was born in and spent much time in a state where perpetual sycophantism and other anti-evolutionary politics often occur, to the point that lives are decided and put in categories, I am quite frankly, repulsed by the idea that Right Now there are people calling AIDs nature's way of evening things out.

In essence, I can read the statistics concerning AIDs and I understand we are losing a high percentage of lives to this scourge. But I cannot, in good conscience, dismiss it as though it were whales washing up on the beach or dead dogs on the side of the highway. Or as hunting season is to the deer in Oklahoma.

It is not and never was my job to save the world, however, I cannot fathom a beautiful future as the dead are counted as more space for you and I. Nor will I subjugate myself as an animal by engaging in thought which animalizes human beings. It is not acceptable to my personal ethics. It will not compute. It is not conducive to furthering civilization.

Yes, to be sure AIDs is shrinking the world's population. Just as births increase it. And it is my highest hope that some researcher, somewhere is going to find the cure and soon. It is my hope that AIDs is finally and maliciously eradicated from this planet. I love the word "Vaccine".

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