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Could the AIDS Virus be Viewed as a Natural way to Stabilize Population Growth – No

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"Could the AIDS Virus be Viewed as a Natural way to Stabilize Population Growth - No"
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The fact that the majority of the AIDS population lives in Sub-Saharan Africa would let you know what is really on the minds of those who say yes. We view those with AIDS as being a drug addicts or a prostitutes and these stereotypes give people irrational thinking and thought process about AIDS. The fact is there are many cases of AIDS/HIV where a person was infected by a partner who claimed to be faithful, from mother to daughter, or even through transfusions because we didn't always have an HIV test.

It is not fair to brush it off as a population stabilizer when it is not striking fairly and evenly. The AIDS virus seems to only hit the poor or those in circumstances they can not help. 70% of the AIDS cases are reported in Africa. Are we saying instead of helping to provide more food for this country the AIDS virus will kill enough people in the end that we won't have to worry about feeding them. When everyone is dead I'm sure there will be enough food to go around.

Why aren't there more reported cases in China then? This country could use something to slow down its population growth. They simply enact fines for those with more than one child, instead of simply telling people we need to stop having so many children, because that would be in-humane, lets give them the AIDS virus. Does that sound anymore like aviolation of our human rights than to regulate the number of children we have

The AIDS virus is no joke to be taken lightly. The people who acquire waste away, develop cancers and illnesses we all can fight off. They die painful slow deaths. They get facial scarring from the medications, which can number 30 or more a day, that they need to live. When they do waste away it is muscle they loose not just fat, but muscle weight. A cough could kill them and give them pneumonia. I didn't even touch on the mental disorders they develop like AIDS induced dementia.

By saying that it is nature's way of stabilizing poplulation growth we are saying there is nothing we are going to do for those that are sick. We are saying to give up on a cure because that would stop nature's purpose and goal. Why give up on the hope that will be the worst epidemic if nothing is done to stop it. What will stop it from striking you? Do you think just because you do not sell your body or stick a needle in your arm you are immune to it? AIDS, if allowed, will hit harder and faster than any other disease we have seen. It will make the Bubonic Plague look like a sneeze.

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