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Could Robots take over the World

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"Could Robots take over the World"
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This Science Fantasy theme is a popular and reoccurring scenario that has been the basis of some very good fiction.The facts are of no use, this is futurology, the science of prediction (is that a real science?).If you redefine the phrase Robot to artificial intelligence, then we are half way there, computers have a very real grip on our 21st century world, a grip we are Dependant upon and have put up little or no resistance to.

What do we mean by take over the world. Band together as some form of army? maliciously turn against their creators and try to enslave and subjugate us?
But are we not talking about a non human intelligence? we are giving these future super machines Human values and weaknesses. The desire to conquer, enslave and bend to another's design are legacies of a violent tribal and emotive history.If this future breed are of an artificially designed and superior intellect,then why would they enslave a biological race? there is simply no use for us in this world of logic,unless of course we find some way of programming in all our negative traits and values, that is just like breeding a line of pit bull terriers and making sure they are every where, someone would be sure to be bitten!

The advances being made at the moment are a likely indicator of a much brighter picture of a future world. We are becoming very adept at producing and utilizing micro technologies and nano technology. Machines will become smaller and far less intrusive in our life than scientist would have thought not so many years ago. We could see a society were nano based robots are surgically introduced into humans at an early age, fighting illness and disease, aiding our ability to heal and lengthening our lifespan.As with any developmental science, how much of a benefit or even evolution to our race this results in is Dependant on us, the Human on designing safeguards and conducting ourselves in a way that justifies our continuance.

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