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Criticism should never involve only trying to find methods of coping with it. Criticism never comes for us to learn to cope with it, and then put it aside, and not to learn from it. Criticism should always be taken directly on board, and received with the love, that it should always be given with. Even when it is not given from a perceived level of love, try to receive it with love. As at it's heart, all criticism, is being prompted from an underlying love, and connection to love, and to God, and to all life.

Life is only ever life trying to grow itself, and to move forwards, in the best possible way, to correct any disconnective elements, and to restore total perfection, within the always existing total love, always available to all souls, and to all life.

But all of this can be far more difficult that what I am ideally saying here, in words, that it can indeed all be. With people that don't seem to understand me, and then criticise me, I tend to be a little abrupt, and impatient with them. I don't like having to further explain things, that I think that I can see so easily, already. The truth always is that I am not really seeing the truth clearly at all, and the criticism only ever comes to help me see my own truth, more clearly. I needed this criticism right now, to further wake myself up to myself.

And actually, anyone that doesn't seem to understand you, all they can ever really do, is to criticise you. They are only trying to probe you for explanation, and a justification for your position.

It is only possible to criticise something, that we do not fully understand. With full understanding, criticism would never enter the picture, or be part of the equation, so to speak. A master, I feel, would never need to criticise at all. All our faults would be reflected back to us from his complete ability to only love, to give, and receive love.

Criticising someone is berating them, and maybe even hurting them, but I guess in a way it is protecting them as well. When we don't even see a grain of truth in a berating, or in a criticism, maybe we need to be protected from our own pain, until we are ready to really face it. An angry response, a fearful response to criticism, to me creates a barrier to what that criticism, is really trying to show us. And for now it, the criticism, acts as a blanket of protection, for us to comfort ourselves, that we are after all, above that criticism. At this stage of our life, we still need to feel this comfort, perhaps to build further our own self esteem, and self love levels, before we can fully accept these new criticisms, take them on, find the truth behind them, and then grow forwards from them.

This is indeed painful to do at first, and is the reason why we need to build up our strength first, and to love ourselves enough, to absorb this criticism, rather than just allowing it to carpet us for now with itself, and blocking then, as well, its own real message for us. But eventually we need to put all of our comfort blankets aside, and face who we are directly.

What is the spiritual reason behind criticism, and how can we manage, and cope with it in the best of loving, and spiritual ways possible?

Life is set up so that anything not working as it should, is prompted to start working in the correct way in connection with all else, by what we could call criticism. This criticism is coming from the drive for perfection inherent in all of life. The way to give these pointers of love into helping perfection recover itself fully in you, is to see that criticism is never denigrating of you, but is showing an inherent misunderstanding in a part of life that you are connecting to. This needs to be highlited, corrected, and pointed out to you.

Criticism gets you this attention, and allows you if you accept it as a pointer, from the Universe, and from God that something in you, and in them needs to be better connected right now, for perfection to be re-established in you both. Criticism allows this to be achieved in the best possible way, when criticism is given, and received only with love.

So until we reach this level of loving, how do we cope with criticism?

Love as much as possible the criticiser. This will establish the love connection, and so the criticism will initially hurt more coming from one you really love. This hurt drives deep, and unearths the reason why this criticism was made, and so you face yourself, and so the criticism comes to meet itself. It is only the part of you that attracted it to you, to begin with.

We always attract everything that we need to us like this, and it always matches exactly who we are at that moment, and it connects to the part of us that we need to change, and to grow from, and to allow the criticism to put its finger on for us, and point out the exact area, we really do need to be working on right now. To cope with criticism, be humble enough to accept that mostly you have attracted it to yourself, and it is always for your own improvement, and self betterment, if you can only see this to be true.

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