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I have always been a struggling writer, although recently I have begun to come out of my shell. Up until that point, my words were never shared with others. Secretly, I never thought the world would understand me. I feared the hurtful things that others would say.

For the most part, my thoughts have been accepted and the feedback I have received has been helpful and insightful. This has kept me plugging away at the keyboard. However, there have been exceptions to the rules.

A few months ago, a lady contacted me over an article that I had taken great pride in writing. She proceeded to tell me that everything I had written in the article was a lie. When I asked for links to prove what she had said, she was unable to come up with any, yet her insults were plentiful. She said such mean things about me and my work that I was unable to write anything for a long time.

Up until this point, I had not realized how cutthroat the writing profession could be. I welcome constructive criticism but this lady was down right mean. It really did a number on my confidence but then I had a realization. This was exactly what she wanted. She wanted the power and I gave it to her by not writing.

Criticism can come in many forms but there is a healthy way to deal with it. I have learned some lessons the hard way but the important thing is that I have learned.
When someone says something negative it can effect us. That's a given. The key is not to let it infect us. It is never easy to deal with hurtful words but it is best to keep trucking on. Kill the person criticizing with kindness. Accept words you don't agree with- with a smile.

If you do not understand the source of the words, ask for elaboration. It is okay to try to get more details so you know what to improve on. Criticism is best dealt with if you can learn a lesson and move on. It isn't easy to improve if you don't know what you need to work on.

You are the one that has the power. If you do not want to hear what someone has to say, then you do not have to listen. Of course, it's hard to learn if you do not keep an open mind. Acknowledge criticism, whether it is good or bad with a thank you. Remember what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Be happy with your accomplishments. Be proud of who you are and what you have done no matter what. No one is ever going to like all the things that you say and do. It is best to keep that in mind. Always stay in control. Do not give people the power to bring you down with their words. If you are happy with what you have done then, that is enough.

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