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Fahrenheit and Celsius are two ways to measure temperature. These two ways are like comparing yards to meters. One makes a lot more sense yet America still wants to go with the more confusing style. The two conversion formulas are as shown:
To convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius the equation is this:
Celsius equals (degrees Fahrenheit minus thirty-two) multiplied by five ninths.
Vise Versa to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit the equation is this:
Fahrenheit equals (degrees Celsius multiplied by nine fifths) plus thirty-two

If you are unable to understand this equation follow the directions listed below:
Fahrenheit to Celsius:
Take the degrees in Fahrenheit and subtract thirty-two from that number then after you have your new number, multiply it by five ninths.
To convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit:
Take your degrees in Celsius and multiply them by nine fifths. After you get this number add thirty-two to it.
Both scales are linear. So you can infer that the conversion between them will also be linear.
To identify a line you need two points. Use the freezing and boiling points of water since they are two points used to define both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
At water's freezing point Fahrenheit equals thirty-two, Celsius equals zero
at water's boiling point, Fahrenheit equals two hundred and twelve, and Celsius equals one hundred

Once you know this, you can plug it into a graphing calculator which will give you the new equations once you let F equal Y and then X while C equals X and then Y.

These equations will let you convert between both Celsius and Fahrenheit however if you are using these for scientific purposes you will need to convert from either Fahrenheit or Celsius to Kelvin since Kelvin is the accepted measurement for all-scientific research and mathematical equations.
In order to convert from Celsius to Kelvin all you need to remember is 273.15. Degrees Kelvin equal 273.15 plus your degrees Celsius.

If your Celsius degrees were 1 degree, then your Kelvin would be 274.15
If your degree Kelvin was at 0 then your Celsius would be at 274.15 degrees

In life you will probably never need to really know how to do this conversion especially since you can do it online on an Internet converter really quickly and easily but it is good to know if you are going to take any science class that will ever involve temperature. I am unsure the way to convert to Kelvin form Fahrenheit but it shouldn't take you that much extra time to convert to Celsius then Kelvin and you shouldn't lose that much detail in your answer

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