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"Are We Alone?" This has been the question asked for many years. But how do we reach an answer, when we don't even believe in the concept itself? You would, at least, wonder what else could be out there? Or, who else?
Are we being contacted by aliens? Many people believe that we are. They also, believe that we have been in contact with them. How else would you explain cropcircles?
I believe that cropcircles were man made, at first. Then, seeing it as an opportunity to contact us, they also, began designing and making patterns.
Even though, we have already set our opinions about aliens, some still try to find the actual proof. When a recording was sent out into the abyss of space, about the human race. It was our first attempt into finding out if life was out there. Now, with satellites recording sound waves to be examined, we still are looking.
"Are we being visited?" The story of Betty and Barney Hill, was the first real account that brought our attention to such a question? "The Rosewell Incident," is another. Even, back then, Governor, Jimmy Carter reported seeing strange lights in the sky. Many UFO sightings by citizens, to law enforcement, have witnessed strange objects in the sky.
I believe that we aren't being visited by just one alien race but perhaps, a few. Those, who just want to know who we are. Those, that have abducted and performed gruesome tests. And those that, we have not yet and maybe, never will see.

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