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The arrogance of humans believing that an infinitely vast universe filled with stars, planets and galaxies exist only for our pleasure. The probability that we exist in a universe filled with billions of celestial bodies as a freak of evolution that rose out of some primordial slime does not bear contemplation. Even so, the tyranny of distance effectively confines us to one tiny corner of a single galaxy and 21st century technology is not even close to providing means to explore more than a scant few light years just the local neighbourhood (galactically speaking that is!).

So here we all are, tucked away on a small blue-green world without any real clue about what lies beyond our feeble attempts at space exploration. Our telescopes give us windows through which we can stare in wonder at a mysterious and alien domain. Try as we might, nothing we do seems to prove conclusively whether another life form has even a most fleeting interest in our parochial and backward existence.

We effectively and consistently demonstrate inability to live in peace with ourselves. What possible advantage exists for another life form in befriending humans more interested in finding better ways to kill or dominate? It is more likely they would keep a close eye on our developing space capability to ensure we do not become a danger to their worlds.

Given our primitive lust for war and power, it is hardly surprising to find no alien life willing to communicate with us. It is a sad state of affairs because we could learn a great deal from species advanced enough to travel incalculable light years in distance with ease. Should we ever be considered a serious threat in the future, I have no doubt we will succeed in communicating but I am also sure the message will not be what we would like.

The question of contacting aliens is therefore quite pointless at this violent and destructive phase of human evolution. Perhaps we may learn how to live with each other in peace, it does not look like that will happen in the near future. Earth is therefore an area of the galaxy that is more likely avoided at all costs.

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