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If I yelled as loud as I could it would never be heard on the other side of the world. Can you picture someone saying this 2000 years ago? No! because they didn't even know the world was round or where the other side was. We've come along way already since those days of old, long ago.

What would you think if I told you that aliens have made the journey to earth already? Would your reply be "O.K. this guy's just failed my rating of sanity." We would have known they were coming because we have billions of dollars of surveillance equipment pointed at every star in the sky. We have enough weapons to detect and destroy a missile launched from anywhere in the world. We can probably see a spacecraft coming from anywhere in the Milky Way.

You see my point is that most things we don't understand are ignored. Maybe we should be looking around instead of to the heavens. The aliens may just come through your refrigerator or out of your front door! These "ships" in the air may not have started their trip from light-years away but rather from ten foot off the ground.

It is questionable what the extent of Einstein's theory of relativity means, exactly. It is questionable, what his mathematics prove or disprove. What are the possible outcomes if time and space are altered. What if there's a force so great that light can not even escape it's clutches? Wouldn't it stand to reason that the speed of light can be overcome? It seems to me that where there is large amounts of energy that are so great we can't understand, alot is possible. Humans split an atom so small we can't see and doing so wins us World War II. Who would have thought?

Considering that we can't see past the borders of the universe or past the seemingly endless discovery of ever tinier particles. How can we intelligently predict where alien life will enter our world. How can we predict or anticipate how or if they will establish communication at all. Aliens may be gathering forces all around us right now, as I write the impossible. What sounds ridiculous today will be the intelligence of tomorrow. Let's just all hope that there are friendly aliens out there and let's hope that they don't take aggression to heart. Let's hope they have a heart, period. Keep your eyes open for aliens and you may just let them in!

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