Considering whether Time Travel is possible and should be Allowed

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"Considering whether Time Travel is possible and should be Allowed"
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This subject continues to fascinate me. Many theories describe that time travel is possible, but probably not as practical as us humans think.

Let's just say it is practical. Then this would mean we can run into our other self whether it is the future or the past.

That said, it would be dangerous and should not be allowed.

Critics of quantum theory have speculated that if time travel were possible, then why has'nt any time traveler surfaced yet?

Well the answer to that question could be that if it were possible, whoever traveled successfully had to do it without permission thus would have kept it a secret.

So how do we really know if there has'nt been any time travelers yet? There were many historical figures who could have been construed as a possible time traveler based on what they have been known for. For instance, Nostradomus could be an easy candidate. Einstein himself could also be one. What about those mysterious ancient Egyptian Pharoahs and those philosphers such as Aristotle and Plato? You can't ignore religious figures either. How about Mr. Da Vinci?

There could be many candidates, but all of whom would have kept it a secret or they probably would have been put to death, especially in those days,...that is if they have'nt already been murdered for some mysterious reason!

Maybe we'll all find out when we die, who knows?

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