Considering whether Time Travel is possible and should be Allowed

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"Considering whether Time Travel is possible and should be Allowed"
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I believe that Time Travel IS possible - eventually. But, it would be a natural occurrence - not a man-made machine. Something like a 'black hole' or a 'wormhole' - this is what I have stated in my article, beforehand on here. Anything is dangerous, held in the wrong hands. Time travel would be particularly dangerous.

The whole course of human history would be changed in an instant. It would, definitely, be used by racists [both black and white] to commit pogroms. The consequences of such power is frightening to think of. It throws up more questions than answers, as well.

For instance, if you could look into the future and see a child, some twenty years ahead, and that child turns out to become a dictator, a murderer, could you kill that child? Knowing what that youngster was going to become? Knowing, that by so doing, you could be saving millions of lives in the future?

Some people might say yes, definitely. Then certain wars would not have happened. People would not have died, needlessly and so on and so on. I think that time travel should be allowed.

The reason is simple. That not ONE person [or nation] should have the 'sole' right to this power, to this great source. Laws would have to be put in place, of course, to safeguard the 'travelers' and also, the environment and people that they will meet in the past, or future. It is a fascinating - and thought-provoking subject, that has many pros and cons going for it.

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