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Our inhibitions are manifested in our fear of failure. It is never too late to address our inhibitions and conquer our fears.  As Christians, we are admonished to conquer our  fears. There, exist an endless list of fears and phobias that plague us, as human beings. These fears may have been introduced to us at a very young age. Many of us , may have known of children who were once terrified of the  darkness.

A child might  conquer his fear of the darkness  by falling asleep with a night light on and having confidence that,his parents are there to protect him. Christians might conquer their fears in the very same manner,because they know the Lord is always with them. 

Once we reach adulthood, these fears become almost unmanageable. How will we take care of our families in this unstable economy? We wonder.This is often a concern of many breadwinners in recent years. We all dread the fear of uncertainty and the unknown. What lurks ahead in our future? These fears are very real and never imagined.

Of course, no one knows the future, so why should we fear the unknown? It seems fearing the unknown is a human characteristic. However, we can conquer that fear with hope and optimism about the future.  Our nest eggs may have dwindled , just to keep our heads above rough waters. Yet, we have another chance to face our fears and thereby conquer our fears. It's never too late to start over again.

Your place, in the human race is of no consequence, because what matter most is if you finish this race.  Some people might even have a fear of success. They might fear failing at success  or they might fear the trappings of success. The large bank accounts, large home and numerous people around , who might try and befriend you in some way. It may be difficult for some people to imagine the trappings of success and all that goes along with maintaining that success. 

Once again, the fear of success, just might be an unfounded fear. So stay the course and face anything and everything that might be a deterrent to your success. Too many times, we make mountains out of Moe hills. The fear may loom larger than the actual circumstance, with this in mind, we must forge ahead and conquer our fears.

Wouldn't it be shame if we missed out on our success,because we were afraid to even try. "You can't win , if you don't play. So, what are you waiting  for? it's never too late to make your mark.

"Sometimes, we might be afraid of what others say. My mother used to say, "why be concerned about what someone might say? They don't take care of you, do they"?

In the meantime, bury those fears and don't allow them to bury your dreams. Brace yourself, it's going to be a worthwhile ride. Don't be fearful of falling off,because you can always get back on the ride of your life.

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