Comparing the Psychological Strength of Women and Men

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"Comparing the Psychological Strength of Women and Men"
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The psychological strength of men and women are different, that much is clear. The mental abilities and interests of men and women have been known to be different for some time. Actually, even before science caught on men and women used to "select their interests" for themselves. Such selections became so pervasive that the process eventually became a gender based reality.

Child rearing
No where is the psychological strength of men and women more apparent than in child rearing. Women have a greater capacity for caring, nurturing, and in being affectionate to children. Men, even better educated and sensitized tend to be more stand-offish and more rigid in expectations. They also do not show affection so readily, not until they are grandparents anyway.

In terms of paid work, things have really equalized. In some professions such as teaching, women easily out number the men. In career building, women do come into a conflict though. They come to terms with their biological clock and the desire to have a child. Men may have that desire too but they don't have to carry the child for 9 months and then focus on nurturing for decades following. Men also tend to be more work focused, even in their free time. It is this or that project. In psychological terms is seems less clear to articulate but the effects are noticeable.

The psychological strength of men and women really do show in interests. That is because interests by and large are free from gender politics. Men are interested in sports for instance. Women are interested in people and socializing. Men are interested in politics and posturing. Women are interested in collaboration.

The psychological capacity of women over men in language is much greater. Women can talk for hours and men generally get tired of chatter and social interaction much more quickly. The women's language is much more subtle and wide ranging in spectrum. Some men are notorious for being monosyllable, even if the greatest orators of all time have been mostly men.

The psychological strength of men may dominate in the interest of sex. Men seem more interested in sex and it may even be a hormone thing but we have to even out the gender psychological strengths somewhere. Men are are visually stimulated and women more relationally stimulated. That is what they psychologists tell us anyway.

Women are much more emotionally expressive but men can shut down the emotional stream much more effectively. It may to do with fights, perils of hunting and the outdoors, or once having been fathered by a starfish. The psychological strength of men and women are different in ways that we don't even know.

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