Comparing the Psychological Strength of Women and Men

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"Comparing the Psychological Strength of Women and Men"
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Despite popular opinion and myths, there is not as much difference in the psychological strength of the genders and most people believe. Where such opinions develop is often as a result of observing gender behavioural patterns, when certain actions are classed, often incorrectly, as being determined by psychological differences. Indeed behavioural patterns are mainly formed as a result of cultural and historical learning and have no direct connection with our psychological make-up.

It is only when one looks at certain distinct psychological control areas of the human mind that the balance between strengths and weaknesses of the genders can be seen to differ and these relate mainly to certain aspects of physical prowess, aggression and some elements of our nature based related to sexual activities that differences occur.

In relation to physical prowess the male gender tend to be stronger than the female. However, this is not only because of their different physical attributes, being generally stronger in terms of muscle power. It is also related to the higher level of psychological strength that a man can exert over his physical actions. Perhaps this can be said to be connected to the fact that a man psychologically has the confidence to be able push themselves harder and further; a confidence built upon the perception that their physical strength in general will be greater than the female gender.

Aggression is another psychological factor where men can be said to differ from women. Depending upon your viewpoint this can either be considered a female or male strength. It can be classed as a female strength because they are more able to control their aggression and indeed it is more difficult for them to reach an aggressive state. For the male it can be considered strength because they can focus this aggression upon enabling them to achieve a particular goal or objective.

Psychological strength differences of a sexual nature do not simply relate to the act itself, but are also determined by our specific gender differences. With sexual relationships there is no doubt that the female gender is driven more by emotional factors and the man by the physical, which means that one can argue that the female generally are psychologically stronger emotionally. However, it does not follow that the men are psychologically weaker in terms of child care and nurturing. In this situation the psychological strengths between the two genders is simply a matter of balance. In this situation men use different aspects of their psychological strengths than women when dealing with their children. Furthermore, both genders will call upon the same psychological strengths if faced with a situation which requires them to protect the child.

Recent tests carried out by the University of Wisconsin, show that in most other areas, there is virtually no psychological strength differences between the sexes at all, with both genders displaying very similar psychological reactions. This is supported by cultural evidence, which has shown that since the advent of equality of the sexes there is almost no psychological differences between the ways that the two genders approach issues such as childcare, work, sport, politics and other important life issues. Making comparisons is often misleading. In reality nature has designed the two genders to have compatible, but differing psychological strengths, simply to ensure that a suitable balance is achieved in the male/female relationship.

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