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Companies that Offer Pre Fab Yurts

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"Companies that Offer Pre Fab Yurts"
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Simple in design, but exquisite in its very simplicity, the modern day yurt has varied little from its traditional origins.

Essentially a one-room structure, the Yurt is a communal space. Its open-plan style encourages a connection with those around you, as well as the surrounding environment.

More and more environmentally aware home builders, as well as those who are looking to break the mold, seek out yurts as an alternative to bricks and mortar or a steel framed home. And at a highly competitive price, it is no wonder.

To help satisfy that rapidly expanding niche market, a number of companies now provide pre-fabricated yurts. From pre-design to post finished product, they can assist in making your environmentally friendly, small-footprint, big-versatility home come to life. Once the pre-fabricated Yurt reaches your site, it can be put up in as little as a day, with the largest Yurts only taking 2-3 days to erect.

In the States The Colorado Yurt Company can assist in designing your dream yurt. You can choose your ideal size ranging from a modest 16ft room to a huge 30ft cavern in diameter with prices for the basic Yurt beginning at under $6000.

Add your choice of doors, extra windows, even fittings for a stove heater... the choices abound. The opportunity to create your own very special space is almost limitless.

The Colorado Yurt Company deliver nationwide, and they even have an affiliate in Hawaii, if your dream is to fall asleep to the croon of the coqui frogs, and the caress of a warm breeze.

In Canada, Yurtco can provide you with all you need to get that dream off the ground. Again, they offer nationwide shipping services, though you are welcome to pick up your Yurt from Hope, BC.

Many people wonder about the stability of a Yurt. In fact, they are particularly strong structures when assembled correctly. If you are planning on situating your Yurt in a rough weather environment, you simply need to make a one-click choice on your order form and voila - 'high wind' and 'snow loads' are taken into consideration and incorporated into the design and construction of your perfect pre-fab yurt.

In an evolving world we are all beginning to take notice of our footprint on this earth, and yurts are a fantasic way to ensure yours is a small one. Built of natural materials on wooden platforms, yurts have very little impact on their surrounding environment and if the requirement was there, could easily be taken down.

Planning permit issues are rarely faced when dealing with a structure from a reputable yurt company and the time it takes for you to see your home materialise in front of you can be vastly reduced by choosing a yurt over another structure.

If you think a yurt may be right for you, don't hesitate to make some enquiries today. Your new dream home could be just around the corner, or in the case of the yurt, the round.

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