Common Themes in new Age and Biblical Archaeology

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"Common Themes in new Age and Biblical Archaeology"
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Though there are many common themes in new age and biblical archaeology, their methods often differ. While traditional biblical archaeologists have been digging in the dirt, new age archaeologists have been digging through books, exploring new ideas and conducting experiments in labs. They have also tried to see and understand the realities that lie behind the artifacts and written words left behind by the people of the Bible.

New age archaeology was born from ideas once labeled pseudo-scientific, which means without methods or principles of science, it is now called mystical or new age as it gains new ground with facts, which the scientific community cannot explain or dispute.

Possibly the greatest debate has been about our origins. Were we created by design or did we evolve by means of natural selection? Darwin's theory has been well publicized and is currently taught in public school though it cannot be proved.

Until the last few years, there was limited proof for creationism. That has changed because of new age archaeology. Here I offer a few of the common themes in new age and biblical archaeology that have produced some very interesting findings.

1-A New Age Argument for Creationism

*Bombardier Beetles

The little cannon, which shoots hot gas and is located in the posterior of the bombardier beetle, is extremely complex. The necessity for each part to play its exact role at an exact time and in an exact sequence is so intertwining that it would have been impossible for it to have evolved. Double chambers that separate chemicals that would and do blow up when mixed would destroy the beetle itself if not for its unique structure.

It works like this: when he is threatened, he squirts the solution of chemicals found in two different storage chambers into two combustion tubes.

In these tubes, he adds two enzymes, which cause the chemicals to change into another chemical, called quinone. This is a very noxious, irritating chemical. It is heated in this tube up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and generates a lot of pressure.

When this pressure builds high enough, the beetle opens valves on the combustion tubes and ejects the hot gases toward his enemy. All of this happens very quickly and can be repeated fifteen or twenty times in a few minutes. He can swivel these tubes 360 degrees and he never misses.

To evolve, the beetle would have had to pass through several changes over a long period of time. The problem with this is that any deviation from his current mode of mixing the chemicals and ejecting them would result in him blowing himself up. Everything has to be in the exact working order at precisely the right time. Evolution is nothing but deviations from the norm.

This is a very simplified explanation of the process. If your interest is piqued, explore this little beetle on-line and you will agree that there is no way this beetle could have evolved.

2-New Age Evidence for Noah's Flood

Biblical archaeologists have long sought proof of Noah's flood. The ark has never been found though many claim to have photos of it. New age archaeologists ask themselves this question, "What would you find if there was a world wide flood?"

The answer was, Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers laid down by water, all over the earth. This is exactly what the new age archaeologists are trying to move to the forefront of the debate about Noah's flood. Not just the fossils, but where they were found and how they could be found when and where they did not exist.

*Polystrate Fossils

Polystrate fossil are those fossils, which cross two or more sedimentary layers. Many tree fossils have been found in this condition, some of them upside down. If the sediment was laid down over thousands of years, why did the tree not die? The tree could not have grown up from the sediment because of the lack of air and sunlight. It is presented by the new age archaeologist that the tree was buried by a flood and that each layer was laid down rapidly in quick succession.

*Wrong Place-Wrong Time

New age archaeologist question why land animals, flying animals, and marine animals are sometimes fossilized side-by-side in the same rock. How could this be if there was not a huge flood?

In a fifteen to eighteen inch layer of phosphate rock at a dig site in South Carolina, fossils of dinosaurs, whales, elephants and horses were found beside crude human tools. Many of the fossils are of animals that traditional archaeologist say died out before humans came on the scene.

In Turkmenistan and Arizona, as well as other sites, dinosaur and human-like footprints were found together. At one site, they were found running along a path together, as if one was stalking the other.

We may never know the answers to all of the biblical mysteries, but it will not be from a lack of investigating and taking every path open to the new age archaeologist. It matters not to them if traditional science disagrees with them. Their quest is for the truth no matter how many history books must be rewritten.

"The Amazing Story of Creation" by Duane T. Gish, Ph.D.
"Archaeology in Oceania" by Peter Hiscock

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