Close Encounters of the Fraudelent Kind

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"Close Encounters of the Fraudelent Kind"
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Have you ever wondered who or what is beyond the horizon when from a distance you see a reflection of light emitting into your direction. If you are one such as myself and the other 57 alien species classified in the Disclosure Project then you might have a different story to tell the others who have not witness the event. If you believe we are alone in this greater universe of ours then you must open your eyes wider and see that alien creature already exist here on the planet Earth. It is the same question that the scientific minds and we have been asking for centuries and that question they are so desperately poised to answer is, " How did human's evolve or where do we all come from?"

With that in mind we are all tempted to ask ourselves, " If there are existence of an extra terrestrial life on other planets? " Who is to say there are not since the universe is full of undiscovered regions that our technology cannot see. In 2001, Sergeant Clifford Stone came before the National Press Club and reopenned the Roswell Files as he attempted to unclassify top-secret events he encountered while a Sergent in the United States Army in the early 1940's. His tales of mysterious events of existing aliens and hovering aircrafts over the city of Los Angeles. His actions might have been brave to reveal these events to public scrutiny but they are full of unmeritted facts without proof.

As an American and patriot to my country he took a cowardly role and back turn on trust with top secret information which is withheld by our government. However, skeptical of the truth bearing within his encounters there is no disproving that I am not a willing believer to his stories. His encounters were introduced to the media under the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in Washington D.C in May 9th, 2001. Needless to say if you are one such as myself and the other 57 aliens species classified within the Disclosure Project then you might encounter an event differently to other who have not witnessed it within their own eyes.

If you believe that we are not alone and are scheptical to believe there aren't aliens out there within our universe then you should open your eyes wider because we are aliens to them also. Although, there are many individuals who say that they have first sight encounterred of an extra terrestial in their lives they all have some type of proof or disproving to show as evidence. Until there are a sight of a living distanct being from outer space then I will always be scheptical to believe a story until I have seen it for my own eyes. If by chance the burden of proof relies over the hands of those that witness the event and they have a tell tale story to recollect to another then that is always a story that I am willing to listen.

However, if in fact you do have a story to tell which involves aliens and you believe you have proof then by my advise the last person you should inform is the Media after you reveal them to a higher authority. Sergeant Clifford Stone, might have undisclosed an old event such as the events of Roswell which made us all wonder if the event were fact or fiction. However, in my wide open eyes betrayed his country by discosing top secret information.

You don't have to be scheptical about believing in an existing species from another planet as you should believe the truth. As that truth is that aliens are probably visiting us right now as we are our own greater enemies to ourselves than they must be to us. I always said, Nieve is the person who doesn't know." If you come to think back on this situation, Clifford Stones recollections of the 1940's and government conspriacy theories then Nieve are those who did not know what was really going on around them. It does not take a brilliant scientist to determine why our lunar space programs were put to an end during that particular time period and alien crash sights occuring in our backyards.

However, I would never understand why Clifford Stone and the rest of the Disclosure project insinuators were so eager to place such a unvalid and serious issue as Alien Invaders under the scrutiny of the media. Informing us of what we all can see within our eyes from the horizon is not a resolution to our problem. You can not believe what the Disclosre Project have unveiled to us since with the same conspiracy theory they so called invoked within us during that meeting then we could someday be looking at the other side of the telescope than witnessing that we all have been invade by a distant specie.

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