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The possibility of a dinosaur being cloned by scientists seems to mesmerize the minds of young children and adults. Dinosaurs being cloned sounds impossible. Jurassic Park might be what started the fantasy of cloning dinosaurs. Is it out of reach though? It could be possible that in the near future, when technology is more advanced, to clone dinosaurs by finding the DNA of some dinosaurs in the stored blood of mosquitoes, filling the gaps in the DNA, if there are any, with a common animal's DNA. The cloned dinosaur might be distorted and odd, but they would be dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs, as you all know, are carnivores, but scientists wouldn't know what type of dinosaur (carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore) they were cloning until it was to late. If the dinosaur was a carnivore it would wreak havoc on everything. Even though cloning a dinosaur would be very frightening, yes, I think that in the future scientists could clone dinosaurs. The question is should they?

Dinosaurs being cloned is it scary, or exciting? There will only be one way to find out. The future holds many things for us are one of them cloning? If there is cloning then scientists should not use it on something like dinosaurs at first. Dinosaurs, in my opinion, be left extinct because they had their chance and nature decided to destroy them, maybe for good reason. In the future dinosaurs will be cloned but they shouldn't be. Yes, some of you might think they could be useful but they would really be destructive. So dinosaurs shouldn't be cloned but they will. The reason why I am so sure is that scientists make new discoveries every day, one day that discovery will be cloning.

Cloning of dinosaurs goes against the laws of nature but those laws were bound to be broken sometime. Cloning would be abused in so many ways (For example if a dog that a family really loved was about to die the parents would clone the dog. Instead of cloning an endangered species like the manatee, which is endangered because of humans, that dog would be cloned). So that is why, when scientists find out how to clone, they shouldn't use it lightly like cloning dinosaurs. Humans have survived without cloning for years and years and years so I think that cloning dinosaurs would be a horrible idea, but yes I think cloning dinosaurs will be possible.

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