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The Roman Catholic Church, under the papacy of Benedict XVI, has condemned the practice of human cloning, in the magisterial instruction Dignitas Personae, stating that it represents a "grave offense to the dignity of that person as well as to the fundamental equality of all people".[12]

Human Cloning is forbidden in Islam[13], the Islamic Fiqh Academy in its Tenth Conference proceedings, which was convened in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the period from June 28, 1997 to July 3, 1997 issued A Fatw stating that human cloning is haraam (prohibited by the faith) [14][15]. (taken from wikipedia)

The resurrection is a possibility. Not in the way we understand it.

One day, life on earth will perish. Not a comforting thought but it is a reality. For mankind to survive it cannot be done by forming colonies on other planets, because then life on earth would no longer be in existence. Life on these other planets would eventually evolve to adapt to the conditions there. Man would no longer be man. We may have taken over a planet, but we would definitely change beyond recognition.

The only possible way for man to survive will be through robots. Robots must be programmed to perform cloning. Man must be able to store DNA in several places throughout our planet so robots can resurrect us. Destruction of life and the severity of the actions may also destroy our robots. This is why it is very important to have several locations. It must be a unified effort not just the undertaking of one society that may decide to keep the technology for themselves.

Should we sit and wait for the resurrection, we may never have man on this planet again. God has shown us the way or man would have never discovered its possibilities. The church believes they have the ultimate power and has hurt us in the past. As long as we follow the church's ruling, we'll be hopeless ducks with Cheney aiming at us.

Science must complete the task (of which we have just over 200 years to accomplish). We all know that life on earth will some day be wiped out, its just a matter of time. This should not discourage us but in fact, encourage us to work harder and faster to complete the project. Put aside our religious indifferences and get on the band wagon. Cloning is the resurrection!

Should you want more information on this, check out Loshem Kabbalah Archaeology of our DNA. The book will help you understand the creation process. It will also help you read the Bible in its original form. If you can't afford the book, I'll buy it for you.

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