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In places where there is ample rainfall and the climate is tolerable by Human Beings and animals you will find most of the World's people. Need I say more? Yes, those are also places where most of the food is grown for consumption.

Then again, the World's population of Human Beings is now numbered in the billions and that many more people also need a place in which to live and work. As a matter of fact, it is all of those people, combined with increased industrial production, that some scientists claim is causing global warming.

So, as the ice caps on our poles continue to melt at an accelerated rate and once safe and productive places to live are, in some cases, no longer able to support the number of people who live within those places, a major shift of the population is expected within the next 30 years. Let us hope that a cure for our global warming is found as soon as possible.

You see, without a reduction in greenhouse gases some scientists believe that most of the people who live within coastal cities will be displaced and they too will need a new place to live and work. Then again, prolonged drought or rainfall conditions might occur in places that never experienced either of those situations, causing additional grief and suffering to the people who live within those areas. On the other hand, if those predictions prove to be true, a whole lot of new homes, hospitals, factories and assorted public buildings will have to be constructed.

So too, it is more than likely that more people will live within places where the weather is not as kind to the local population. Fresh drinking water might, in fact, become a very expensive commodity, as will farm produce. Yes, there is also a possibility that those once moist and fertile areas of our Country of the United States of America, as well as similar lands in other parts of our World, might become desert regions. I wonder how many years it will take to convert our new desert locations into such productive farm land.

The truth of the matter is that no person can absolutely prove, without a doubt, that global warming will actually cause those events. That is why very little of the World's resources are being employed to fix or prevent what could be a World-wide disaster that will cause tens of millions of people to grieve, suffer and/or die from the effects of a radically changing climate.

From a historical perspective, scientists have proved that the current water level of the World's oceans is more that 100 feet higher than that level was during prehistoric times. So too, weather that was once our best friend can easily become our worst enemy. We must restore the natural order of things, both on and above our one and only Earth.

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