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Christmas 2010 Science and Discovery Gift Ideas for Teens

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"Christmas 2010 Science and Discovery Gift Ideas for Teens"
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Many teens enjoy science and discovery, and some are even looking to make it a career.  You will find a wide variety of gifts that such a child might enjoy for Christmas of 2010.

Trip to Space Academy

If you want to give your teen something to remember then you can send him or her to Space Academy, which is the older kids version of the well-known Space Camp.  The program for twelve to fourteen year olds is six days of fun, where they can feel what it is like to truly be an astronaut by going on the MMU Simulator, Multi-Axis Trainer and more.  The Advanced Space Academy for teens fifteen to eighteen gives even more realistic instruction and even includes an hour of college credit through the University of Alabama Huntsville.  Remember that there are likely to be other costs associated with such a trip such as airfare, so make sure that you will pay for it or that they can afford to do so.


A teen who likes science might love a telescope to use to look at the stars.  Many of these are relatively inexpensive at under $100.  You could get the 49TN Refractor Telescope & Microscope by Tasco, 21061 AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractor Telescope by Celestron, or SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope by Orion.  You could also get accessories for it as well.

Science related magazine subscription

A teen who likes science and discovery might want to read about it month after month.  There are many magazines related to science such as Popular Science and also some that focus on particular scientific subjects.  These are usually reasonably priced.

Book on science

A teen who enjoys science may like to learn more through a book.  Some teens will be ready for adult books, whereas for others you may want to get something that is specifically geared towards this age group.  You could consider Science Book by Peter Tallack, Susan Greenfield, and Singh or Scientists by Connolly.

Science kit

You will find many different science kits for teens.  They have sets that allow you to do chemistry or electrical experiments.  Some deal with growing crystals.  Make sure that you find one that is age appropriate.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing a gift of science for a teen.  One of the above ideas may be suitable for your 2010 Christmas present. 

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