Christmas 2009 Astronomy Gift Ideas for Teens

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"Christmas 2009 Astronomy Gift Ideas for Teens"
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Many teens find astronomy to be a fascinating subject. There are many great astronomy-related gifts that you can get for your teen. The following are just a few of the presents he or she may love.

A trip to Spacecamp - Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Spacecamp lets teens know what it feels like to train as an astronaut. They will spend time learning all about NASA and the space program in their sessions, which range up until about a week in length. Teens will have a wonderful time as they do computer simulations and get hands-on training. This is not an inexpensive present, of course, and you will have to take into account the cost of transportation to and from the program as well as other incidental costs, but it can be something they remember for a lifetime.

Telescope - Teens that love astronomy will usually love looking at the stars through their very own telescope. Although many of the bigger and more complicated telescopes run into the thousands and beyond, you can get a simpler one for far less, even under $100. Telescopes will allow your teen to see the stars, planets, comets and other outer-worldly objects, which fascinate them. You can go as simple or as complex as you want with this gift.

Books on astronomy - Teens that like astronomy may find some books on astronomy to be interesting. There are a wide variety of books available that cover astronomy in all of its facets. Teens can learn about the different concepts in astronomy, thus this is not only a fun gift, but an educational one as well. There are also many beautiful coffee table books that contain breathtaking celestial pictures. Also, there are different calendars that display beautiful images for any astronomy-loving teen.

Videos on astronomy - There are many videos that relate to astronomy. Some are fictional while others are non-fiction and educational. Depending on your teen's tastes, this may be an interesting and worthwhile gift.

Apparel/jewelry related to astronomy - There is some beautiful clothing related to astronomy, such as printed t-shirts. One can also get astronomy-themed jewelry such as comet pendants and such. You will need to know the teen's tastes, however, before purchasing these items since a lot of teens are very picky about the clothes they wear.

Astronomy-related gifts can be wonderful presents for the 2009 holidays. The preceding ideas may just work for the teen that loves the stars.

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