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Christmas 2007 Hottest new Biology Books for Children

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"Christmas 2007 Hottest new Biology Books for Children"
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What a perfect time to introduce your children to biology this Christmas. Some hot new book picks for this year promise to keep kids intrigued and learning. Keep them reading and learning with these books.

With the just released movie by Dreamworks, the Bee Movie has made lessons in the study of plants and animal life a must have thing for your kids. These books are hot for the 4-8 year old; they include Bee Movie: The Honey Disaster (I Can Read Book 2) by Jennifer Frantz and Dreamworks Bee Movie Coloring & Activity Book by Kappa Books. They will encourage learning about the honey making process and how the bees help us get food!

Most children are curious about the body in which they put that food. John Farndon provides a unique book for the 4 years and up curious human. This book is a real page turner with transparent pages that peer into the body layer by layer. Published in March, 2007 Human Body: The Ultimate Guide to How the Body Works is sure to get a special place on a book shelf if you can keep from looking at it. What a great reference book!

Help your young ones build a reference library of magazines. Brand new from National Geographic is National Geographic Little Kids magazine for ages 3 to 6. Geared toward covering animals, introducing science and encouraging exploring, this magazine is sure to keep kids captivated with the usual awesome photography from National Geographic, stories just for them and a Wild-animal card. A one year subscription of 6 issues is just $15. Order a subscription on line at Also, from National Geographic is National Geographic Kids for ages 6 to 12.

This year check for books like these at your local book stores or on line at or Make it a point to help your child become aware of there environment and the role they play in being responsible humans.

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