Christmas 2007 Chemistry Gift Ideas for Children

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"Christmas 2007 Chemistry Gift Ideas for Children"
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Ever wish they'd had some of these great toys around when we were kids? There are so many great and inventive chemistry ideas around now that I struggle to know where to start!

I do a lot of my shopping through a catalogue called Brightminds, which also has a website, and my child loves flicking through it before Christmas. The great thing about it as the name may suggest is the majority of the toys in the catalogue are not only fun, they are educational too. They also have a website you can check out too. Without having to shop around too much this site provides you with enough chemistry, science and other educational fun things to keep you in gift ideas for many a long year.

As you go up in the age range, you tend to get more spectactular results it must be said but for the 5-9 range there is still plenty to keep you interested. The Adventures in Science range has a "kitchen" set, which enables the user to make a volcano or ice-cream. This retails at 8.99 GBP, and is simple enough for this age range to enjoy with their parents help. For the 8-12 range there is Kitchen Chemistry which allows you to test for acids, bases and salts in foods and is aligned with the UK Science National Curriculum.

There are always those who love goo, and for the 10+ in your life, Slime Laboratory will get them chortling, learning and you reaching for the kitchen cleaner with fear in your eyes! Using polymer chemistry, there are a range of liquids and goos that when placed together will expand, foam or slime. Delightful stuff! Retailing at 12.99 GBP its not for those parents of you who can't stand chaos, or are a bit OCD about cleaning!

In fact, if you prefer that hands-off approach, and the child in your life does too look no further than the Virtual Laboratory. A PC game which has 100 interactive experiments that can be viewed from the clean and safe environment of your home without the mess! Examining areas such as water, air and the properties of matter, it will appeal to the budding chemist and the PC geek at the same time. 9.99 GBP to keep your house clean. A bargain.

For the 10-12 age group things get even more explosive. In the Horrible Science range based on Nick Arnold's books, there is an Explosive Experiments box set retailing at 14.99 GBP that you might want to think about relocating to the shed! Using household items and a little chemical know-how a variety of alarming and noisy results can be had! Buy ear-plugs

In the top of this age range there is a rather calmer, quieter and altogether more beautiful crystal growing set, for the 12 and upward group. Includes a stand to display them and enough material to form 12 sizeable crystals without loss to life or limb.

Frankly I can't wait to have a child old enough to buy this stuff for. Smashing stuff!

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