Christianity and the Big Bang Theory

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"Christianity and the Big Bang Theory"
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Evangelical Christian have some very definite biblical beliefs about the origin of the Universe.  Most everyone is pretty sure about that.  However,most serious Christians do not believe that the Universe is something created out of the chaos of an unbelievably large explosion eons ago that the scientific community has named “the Big Bang”.   Some may say that this Christian analogy is crazy, nuts, or demented.

Lets look at some logic if that's a possibility for those who don't believe. The fact is that there is really no 'solid' scientific proof (yes, the word ‘proof’ rears its ugly head again) that the Universe was created by the Big Bang. It's simply science applying their brand of logic based on scant information that they have obtained through space robots, telescopes, etc, etc. This is the same kind of logic that Al Gore and his people apply to the "Global Warming" theory. 

Recently, it has come out through the unwanted release of emails, that 'some' in the scientific community have cheated and/or lied about their findings.  That now leads most to believe that Global Warming is nothing more than a hoax even though our government and gov. agencies continue to push for a global warming cure.  Simply put, the global warming issue is nothing more than a gimmick to make money and give power to those in high places. 

God is in control!  And God alone created the heavens and the earth.  And, He alone will make the decision when to destroy His creation, that's biblical. Humans are incapable of ruining the earth, or changing the weather on a permanent basis.  Any of that would be akin to changing the rotation of the earth by humans.  It simply can't happen.

To think that we could live in a Utopian world without government intervention is simply a dream, but a great dream.  However many in the scientific community will continue to use the "Chicken Little" example and tell us that the sky is falling and that 'man' alone can change it in order to keep control. 

The vast majority of their theories on this are created with computer modeling.  The down side is that in most cases that you read about, the computer comes up with another theory every time they rerun the test.

The Bible tells us that it was God who created the heavens and the earth (Gen. 1:1), and Christians believe that!.  However, many scientists, and all 'true' Atheists say that's hogwash.  Let's think about it for a moment!  Did you ever know any order to come out of chaos?  With most scientific interpretations of chaos, the only thing you get is more chaos. Never on the face of this earth has order come from chaos! Nope, not once, and Christians do not believe that the God's Universe was created by the silly Big Bang!

Whether it's a building implosion with dynamite, a military bombing, a nuclear explosion, a tornado or hurricane, simply put; out of that kind of chaos comes even more chaos, not organization. Have you ever watched a building implosion and hear someone holler out.........'hey look across the street, there's a new office building on that lot that was vacant a minute ago'. That sounds stupid, but that's just how stupid the Big Bang theory is to Christians.

God is in control!  Stop fighting it!  He and He alone can make things right.  People simply can HELP, but certainly are not the cure for all of the worlds ills.  Put your trust in the Lord!

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