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Choosing a surgeon to perform your GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) is one of the most important decisions you can make as the nature of the procedure is such that once it is done it can never truly be reversed back to the form that existed prior and secondary procedures often cannot correct any shortcomings in the original procedure to full satisfaction. The correct surgeon needs to possess a very specific highly refined skill set whether it be an MTF (Male to Female) or FTM (Female to Male) procedure. In comparison to many other surgical specialities the field of surgeons to choose from is rather small, but still requires intense scrutiny on your part to make sure you get the right person to achieve the needs you desire the most.

One of the first things you will want to check is the surgeons professional history. Any reputable surgeon will freely furnish their credentials so far as educational background, internship, residency, and all board certifications. With a GRS surgeon however it is just as important to know who they learned the procedure from. A GRS procedure is not the type of thing which is learned independently these days, the bulk of the experimentation on perfecting it has ended and more often than not anyone entering this speciality apprentices under a specialist in this procedure, ie; Marci Bowers under Stanley Biber. As such, the basics of the way the perform the procedure often draw heavily on the techniques of the teacher. Not all surgeons perform the procedure the same. You will also want to check how many times they have performed the procedure and if they have complaints lodged against them.

With that in mind, you need to know if your potential surgeon is a one or two step surgeon. Some prefer completing the procedure all at once while others will do so in two separate procedures. Some are quite good achieving an extraordinary cosmetic look yet lack from the functional standpoint and vise versa. Some are equally gifted in both areas. You need to identify whether or not you feel you are going to be able to withstand multiple procedures and whether or not appearance, functionality, or the desire for both is most important to you. It is important to remember that a good cosmetic outcome is nice, but being functional is far more important in regards to circulation, urinary tract issues, and particularly in an MTF procedure orgasmic capability.

Making that decision leads into the price factor. Surgeons performing GRS in some countries like the U.S. are very skilled, but also very expensive compared to their counterparts in other countries. Canadian and Thai surgeons are among the best in the field and charge a much lower rate without sacrificing quality. The difference can easily be upwards of $25,000 for the same exact procedure. The question you then need to ask yourself is if you feel comfortable going abroad for a major medical procedure. Another consideration is that many Thai surgeons do offer in their contract with you to make any repairs necessary after the initial procedure should something not go right free of charge either them self, or through an arrangement with another Thai surgeon. The problem is if you do not live fairly close to Thailand the travel may not be desirable.

It is important to remember that not all surgeons are crated equally in regards to this procedure. Experience is a major plus, you really do not want to deal with someone that is just breaking into the field if at all possible. Know exactly what techniques they use as there are variations so that you know you are getting the one which is most fitting for you. Above all else make sure that you have someone that is willing to discuss the procedure with you beforehand, answers your questions regarding it, and makes you feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. This is not a simple cosmetic procedure, but rather something that is going to change your life forever. Know that and do all your research well in advance.

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