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Are you looking for some hot chemistry gifts for Christmas 2010?  Some kids are naturally drawn to chemistry and others are terrified of the word alone.  If we present chemistry as what it is, a combining of substances and matter and their reactions, and even better help kids explore some of the fun ways to use chemistry like cooking and creating perfumes, we can bring chemistry home and off of the Bunsen burner so to speak.  Here are 5 hot chemistry gifts for 2010 that will appeal to chemistry lovers or sneak basic chemistry in through the window for those kids who think they’d rather shut the door on chemistry. 

The Candy Factory

Kids can make their own candies including chocolates, caramels, gummies and hard candies using this fun kit.  It’s sweet yes but very educational too.  The booklet describes the history of candy, the biology of taste, the chemistry of sugar and more. 

The Candy Factory comes with 25 recipes and 48-page experiment manual, thermometer, spatula, molds, cutters other tools, lollipop sticks and candy wrappers.  The Candy Factory is recommended for ages 10 and up and is available for Christmas 2010 for $30.99 from Mindware (

Like this ideas but need a chemistry gift that is a little less expensive?

Make Your Own Chocolate (or Gummies or Chewing Gum) Kit

These “make your own” kits from Mindware ( are great choices for little scientists or chefs age eight and up. 

Each Make Your Own Chocolate kit, and others, is $12.95 for Christmas 2010.  Need three gifts?  Get all three kits for $34.95. 

Perfume Science and Creative Cosmetics

Along the same lines of the candy making kits, there are also perfuming making kits and cosmetic creating kits.  Each kit is recommended for ages 10 and up and available for Christmas 2010 from Mindware ( for $59.99.  Both of these kits have won Parent’s Choice awards. 

Like the idea of a perfume making kit but want one that’s a little less expensive?

Perfumery Science Kit by Scientific Explorer (An Elmer’s Product’s Inc. Company)

Girls 8 & up can have fun creating their own perfumes, doing real chemistry experiments and learning more about the history and science of fragrances. Fragrances, pipettes, vials and instructions are included for making their own signature fragrances or making gifts for girlfriends. 

Perfumery Science Kit is available from Amazon ( for around $20.00 for Christmas 2010.

CHEM C500 Chemistry Experiment Set by Thames & Kosmos

This chemistry set for ages 8 & up is the real deal.  A 32-page color illustrated book explains the steps for 30 science experiments.  From goggles to test tubes, citric acid to sodium carbonate, this chemistry set has everything a young scientist needs to conduct hands on science experiments. 

The CHEM C500 Chemistry Set is available from Amazon ( for around $30.00 for Christmas 2010 and it is the best all around chemistry set for kids. 

If the kids on your Christmas shopping list are interested in chemistry or else you’d like to give them a fun nudge into science, these hot chemistry gifts for 2010 will “combine” to make great “reactions.”

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