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One of the most important benefits of chemical engineering is that it holds the potential to offer several job opportunities for individuals.From pharmaceuticals,fertilizers and chemicals,oil and gas,food processing and so on,several areas of industry and business utilize the basics of chemical engineering.Potential to start one's own small scale business enterprizes also exist within the field of chemical engineering. For large scale business and industrial houses also, chemical engineering provides several benefits.

Chemical Engineering deals with changing the elements and materials of nature into several composite products which we use in daily life.  Food and beverages, synthetic fibers and chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, biotechnology, water and power utilities, and space exploration are all areas where benefits are provided by chemical engineering.

We use everyday several plastic products. For example, in all the electrical wiring which we use in our houses, factories, schools, colleges and offices .the insulation is provided by plastic. Plastic technology was developed by the vision and research of chemical engineers when they produced Bakelite using advances in polymer chemistry. There are so many uses for plastic about which we are not sometimes even aware of. We can certainly say that the development of plastics is a direct benefit of chemical engineering.

Oil and gas is a major area where several natural products need to be refined to become valuable end products. Chemical Engineers have a substantial role to play in this field especially in the development and preparation of the various petroleum refining processes and catalysts for hydro-cracking etc. Gasoline, lubricant oils etc are all products of the petroleum industry which depends to a large extent on chemical engineering, Process design, development of flow diagrams and schematics in major areas such as refining, gas development, LNG etc are all the works of chemical engineers.

In the construction field there are several applications which can be described as benefits of chemical engineering. Paints (which use titanium dioxide) and coating materials are products which were derived from a development in chemical engineering. Concrete admixtures to change and/enhance properties of concrete have also evolved as a result of chemical engineering developments.

In the medical field, the development of Penicillin by Arthur Fleming was an innovation and its large scale production needed help from chemical engineering. Thousands of drugs being used today by millions of people all over the world owe their manufacturing to the potential for creativity which exists in the field of chemical engineering. Biomedical engineering, biotechnology are also areas where advances in chemical engineering can yield benefits.

Synthetic fibers came out of developments in chemical technology. From nylon stockings to blankets, everywhere we find synthetic fibers in use. This is a benefit which came directly off the advances in chemical engineering.

In the food and beverage industry, several coloring agents, pigments and preservatives are all the result of a lot of work by chemical engineers in the research field. Also fertilizers are essential now in agriculture so as to nourish plants and vegetables.

Uses of liquid nitrogen are many. Some example are in freezing and preserving food products, production of semi conductors, copper smelting and even in saving lives of patients in hospitals. Chemical engineering thus provides numerous benefits to humanity.

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