Charles Manson and the Women who Love them

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"Charles Manson and the Women who Love them"
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Charles Manson, the mass murderer who became an overnight news story in the 70's, was a cult leader with a charming personality, who in his delusions convinced others to carry out murders for him. Though never directly tied to the acts themselves, he continues to be contained in prison for life, not because he committed the murders but for his ability to manipulate others into performing those acts. What shocked many Americans was how many women he had manipulated and convinced that he was "Jesus Christ' and that their obedience tohim granted them eternal life, along with many other fleshly prizes from him.

Today, even as an old man in prison, Charles Manson has more women followers then he had when he was a free man. Leaving one to wonder why a woman would choose an obviously insane, dangerous man to admit to being in love with. What makes a woman love an untouchable man? Many would dare to say that the woman has many mental issues herself, among them the need to be controlled, even by someone they can never be with. I would say some have self esteem issues, who better to lift your ego then someone who can't be with anyone else.

Society as a whole has a hard time comprehending how someone seemingly so vile and disgusting, regardless of the moral compass used to gauge them, can even be enticing to, in many cases, beautiful, seemingly intelligent women. How do they get caught up in the allure of the ultimate bad boy? Just as the women who followed Charlie when he was a free man, the women who claim to be his 'lover, wife, or girlfriend' currently are aware of the crimes he was found guilty of committing. They know his history and lifestyle choice and yet they will tell you that he is a warm, compassionate, caring individual. Words like 'thoughtful, loving, kind, intelligent' are often used by these women to describe their incarcerated idols. All are attributes not seen by the average person of the population.

The women know their crimes were heinous and often will describe the person as misunderstood, abused child, nobody sees him like I see him. They have a need to be needed in many cases. Many women who love the criminally insane have a mother personality, they have a desire to be wanted and needed and these prisoners fill that need. They have life outside the prison walls, many working jobs, raising children, having social lives. But something in their makeup makes them want someone they can never have.They often want a relationship without the ties of an actual face to face relationship. A prisoner pulling a long sentence makes this a very real possibility. They can continue to live in society and function, and yet turn away more interpersonal relationships due to their connection with the incarcerated person. Some women have been in abusive relationships, what better way to avoid another beating them; date someone who is already locked up behind prison walls. They go in this place from seemingly being controlled by the prisoner, but in all actuality they hold all the power cards for the relationship. After all, they are the ones in the world, participating in society daily.

When push comes to shove we may never fully understand the mentality of women who love individuals like Charles Manson. Their reasoning seems perfectly logical to them, yet completely out of the norm for the rest of society. We can only hope that one day they realize the insanity of their choices to love them and decide to open their hearts to someone who can be a contributor to their lives.

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