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"Characteristics of Left vs right Brain Dominance"
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Given the information of whether a person is right-handed or left-handed, you can get some basic ideas of what they are like overall. Different traits of the human personality are controlled by the brain - specifically, by either the right side of the brain, or the left side.

Since there is a cross-over of our brain's wiring system or nerve network, fibers from the left side of the brain rule activities on the right side of the body. And vice versa. As a result, we can easily determine whether a person is ruled by their right brain or their left brain by simply noticing which hand they use for writing.

A left-handed person is ruled by their right brain; and a right-handed person is ruled by their left brain. Now, given that fact, we can get a running idea of the general strengths and weaknesses and career preferences that a certain individual is likely to have based on known traits ruled by the right and left sides of the brain.

Research has shown that the right side of the brain regulates artistic activities such as painting, music, theatre, dance, writing, etc. Consequently, you may notice that there are a number of lefties who choose artistic careers. Right-brained people are better able to work with the imagination to develop creative solutions to problems. They are generally spontaneous individuals who respond emotionally to circumstances. And, they have a way of creating art out of thin air. They are the type of people who see all the colors of the rainbow, can distinguish the scents of blossoms in the air, and dream in color.

On the other hand, persons ruled by their left brain are likely to be the alter-ego of the right-brained individuals. They are "Mr. Spocks" of the planet who fathom the unfathomable through the use of logic and sharp analyses. They are the mathematicians and the scientists, the doctors, and the communicators. They perfect the art of nitpicking, and analyze every word that comes out of another's mouth. In the decision making process, they calculate each step and analyze the results of their "research" before proceeding to the next step. Their actions are slower, thought-out, and decisive. And they put little stock in the emotional aspect of decision making.

Although no one "perfectly" fits the right-side/left-side personality, they are likely to show one or more traits of either one or the other's dominance. Generally speaking, if you are right handed, you are more likely to have dominate traits ruled by the left side of the brain. You probably are more detail-oriented, less emotional, decisive, and you base your actions on logic. Chances are, you enjoy or do well at a detail-oriented job and are able to handle a strict budget, balancing you checkbook with ease. You analyze situations and people, as well as words and conversations. And, you are more likely to see the cold, hard facts of reality in a black and white fashion based on observation, logic, and analysis.

If you're a lefty, you tend to be the opposite of the right handed individual in many ways. You base your thoughts and beliefs on feelings more than on cold, hard facts. You use your active imagination to carry you through the good and bad times in life, and are easily able to empathize with individuals less fortunate than yourself because you can literally "put yourself in their shoes." While your alter ego is able to run detailed errands with ease, however, you find these tasks mundane and are more likely to excel in jobs that require the use of your vital imagination. Occupations such as theater, art, music, and dance are valid choices for you. Your emotions play a large role in your decisions. And, while left-brained people are realistic, logic-driven and detail-oriented realists, you carry reality one step further by including dreams into the formula.

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