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It takes courage, wisdom and determination to be an efficient leader. A person who has a balanced mix of outstanding qualities generally stands out from the rest. Such a person inadvertently has a great potential and is naturally inclined to be an efficient leader. Indeed, most importantly, it is one’s character, personal integrity and attitude to life that can lay the foundation for efficient leadership.

Let us five vital characteristics of an efficient leader:

1. An efficient leader is trustworthy

An efficient leader is one who is well-respected having an impeccable sense of integrity ingrained in the core of his being. Such a person can easily be trusted for his word is never doubted. He is known to deliver whatever he promises to do and never shirks from his commitment or responsibility. He is self-disciplined, knows exactly what he wants to do in life and makes good choices. He is kind and considerate of others, looks beyond what’s best for him and focuses on what’s best for others. It is this quality which endears him to all those whom he leads.

2. An efficient leader has the strength of character

A person having strength of character is always in control of his circumstances. Nothing deters him from his goals; his “inner” strength based on ethical precepts, equips him to face any challenges and setbacks that may crop up from time to time. Such a person is known for his decisiveness and believes in his own sense of purpose. He stands firm in his decisions and upright in all his dealings-even with his subordinates. He never flinches from his task and being self-confident himself, instills confidence in others.

3. An efficient leader has a positive attitude

It is one’s attitude that sets the tone of leadership. Good leaders are innately optimistic and are careful about the impact they create on their team members. They enthusiastically and doggedly exude a positive approach to work and relationships-resulting in overall achievement for all the team members. An efficient leader finds exciting, innovative ways to share his vision with the team members; he is eager to praise and celebrate the success of his team and makes sure that he does not steal the limelight away from his subordinates.

4. An efficient leader has good communicative skills

Communication plays a key role in leadership. An efficient leader has effective inter-personal skills. He is respectful, honest and forthright in what he wishes to convey to his team. He is assertive and direct in his words and gets to the point quickly without any reservations. He maintains eye contact with the person he’s talking to and is always a good listener. He’s considerate of another’s point of view and is not quick to dismiss the opinion of others, even though they may be his subordinates.  On the contrary, he encourages them to come up with fresh ideas that could be beneficial to the growth and success of his entire team.

5. An efficient leader has set high standards

Setting high standards for himself and the team is the hallmark of an efficient leader. Such a leader believes in his potential and worth; he is keen to inspire, motivate and lead his team to scale new heights. He welcomes change and finds innovative ways to increase productivity of his team mates. He never relents in his search for excellence and is open to learn from the experiences and wisdom of other like-minded people. A person who has the tenacity to stay calm in crisis, who does not allow the trivialities of life overtake his sense of morality and who does not allow his emotions to jeopardize his vision, has all the makings of an efficient leader.

~ Conclusion

In the final analysis, an efficient leader may have a host of other fine characteristics besides the ones enumerated here. There is no limit to how far he can go or what he can achieve. But over and above all these, the most significant of all is the leader’s humility and abiding faith in God and the power of prayers.  It is this act of genuine surrender to God’s will that empowers him to be an efficient leader and eventually shape his destiny and the destiny of those around him.

Source: Get Motivated by Tamara Lowe

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