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Sam is a little different from other people’s pets. My friends say he is weird and strange, but I say Sam is the best. Their cats and dogs are great, they run and purr and fetch. Our grey goat though, is the finest catch.

He has pointy horns upon his head and hooves upon his feet. They are kind of like shoes but do not come off and clack against the street. Sam’s bright brown eyes sparkle, and reflect the golden sun. 

My billy goat has courage. He is not afraid to be unique. His fury coat has spots and swirls. If you pass us on the sidewalk and choose to stop and stare. You will even notice a bright white star upon his dark brown chest.

Aside from Sammy’s courage, there is an even better trait. Everyday when I go to school he patiently sits and waits. When the great big yellow school bus rolls up, with you know who safely tucked inside, my old is goat always waiting there. However, sometimes he tries to hide. 

Rain or shine, snow and sleet, upon one thing you can depend. Sam is always there to follow me home, never do I walk alone. As soon as my red tennis shoe hits the third and final step, he rushes over to my side. 

Together we walk miles and miles to get ourselves back home. In fact, it takes hours and hours, so thankful, I am not alone. When the pavement gets boring, through fields and forests we roam. Yesterday we traveled though a dark and squishy swamp. The frogs were croaking and dragonflies were soaring. In the mud I almost slipped.

I was not a bit afraid. Sam is very smart you see, and no matter how far we stray he always leads straight to my house. Never have we gotten lost, not one single day. 

Sam is one faithful critter, upon which you can depend. Indeed, I should be telling you he is my best friend. As we trek though the mud, our feet leave very different tracks. 

Still, there is something very similar about Sam and I, we watch each other’s backs. It is a very special type of creature upon which others can rely. Goats are a very special type of pet, this no one can deny. 

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