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Silky the Pony

Silky lived at Blue Lake with four other ponies. All morning, they wore saddles and bridles. They walked in a circle and took children around and around on a pony ride. From one side of the circle, Silky could see the lake. On the other side was a wide green field.

Silky was a dark brown pony with a soft golden mane and tail. He was just the right size, not too tall and not too short. His legs were sturdy and his hooves were straight, and he did his work carefully.

Children lined up to take the ride. Most of them had never been on a pony before. Some were happy. Some were not so sure. They wondered what a pony ride would be like. Silky took good care of each child.

He did not move while someone got on his back.

He walked slowly, to keep his rider safe.

He never bounced, so their ride was smooth.

He liked to please the children. They laughed when they rode. They patted his neck and said, “Good pony.” Sometimes they thanked him when the ride was over. Often parents took a picture of their child sitting on his back.

His job was hard sometimes, but he knew he did it well.

When work was finished, Silky ran free in the field with the other ponies. Kicking up clouds of dust, they pounded their hooves on the soft ground. Silky, Smoky, Sunny, Swifty, and Sugar raced around the field as fast as they could. They threw their heads up and down and neighed.

Then they rested under a shady oak tree, and drank cool water. They ate fresh green grass, and swished their long tails. They felt tired and happy. They would sleep well in their warm stable.

When your work is done, then you’ll have fun. Silky the pony does his duty.

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