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"Change is Good"
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Change is unavoidable. It is all around you, everywhere you look and in everything you do. Even if you don't like change, we all experience it everyday. That new outfit, the vacation you planned and the new flowers you bought for the front garden are all things that you didn't have the day before. They are different, therefore they are a change.

You are never too old, or too tired to keep going. In my view of the world, change should be looked at as a positive. My glass is always half full because that's what keeps me going.

It is not for the weak at heart or the easily stressed. It is the "C" word for some people and should be avoided at all costs. That in and of itself seems ridiculous, because change is all around us, but to some, it is the worst thing that can happen and if you think it's bad, then it is.

Change is for the person who dances in their seat when their favorite music comes on the radio. I love it when the seasons, weather, styles and flowers change. I recently lost two pant sizes by getting in shape and working out. This was a much needed change that resulted in me being able to buy new clothes.
Not to mention how much better I look and feel in them.

There are people in my family who hate change, yet by the very definition of the word, their lives change every day. That being said, maybe it's important to define change and what it means to you.

Changes in your life do not have to be huge and life altering. It can be as simple as parting your hair on the side instead of in the middle.
You can buy a different brand of toothpaste because it is on sale or make something different for dinner because you forgot to thaw out the meat in the freezer.

These little things should not cause stress, because they are everyday occurrences that are sometimes unavoidable. These are the "changes" that are part of each and every day and should be categorized as normal. At least in my world they are.

I prefer to save my nerves for the big stuff. You know the ones. You buy a new house; you sell your old house. You get a divorce. You get married. You get fat and you lose weight. I seem to move a lot, which used to create a decent amount of anxiety in my life.
Interestingly enough though, the more I've done it, the better at it I get and the less stress it causes me.

I have moved so many times, I could probably do it in my sleep. This is not necessarily a good thing, but true nonetheless. The moves were for various reasons at the time that seemed important. I am actually getting ready to move again and am looking forward to it. This time, the economy and my family are conspiring to get me to move closer to them where I will save money and have relatives nearby.

I am going to continue to embrace the changes that are before me. I do not know what life has in store, but I am ready for it. There are a lot of twisty, windy roads ahead but I really don't mind. I will go in the direction I am pointed and make something wonderful happen.

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