Change and how People Deal with it

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"Change and how People Deal with it"
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There are few things in life that are as inevitable and constant as change. It has the ability to seek out and find all of us at one time or another, and our resistance to it is often futile. Change, both negative and positive, is something we will be forced to deal with throughout the course of our lives. However, the key is in how we will handle change when it comes our way.

People tend to view change as being only a negative, life-altering occurrence. It is definitely true that certain changes will indeed not be for the betterment of us or our lives. Death, sickness, financial instability, and the like can, for the most part, be considered incidents that do not hold positive attributes. They are painful, heartbreaking, and difficult experiences which we dread and become anxious over. However, we welcome change in the forms of the birth of a child, a marriage, or financial success. These are the changes that bring us joy, comfort, and stability, thereby helping us to see change in a positive light.

Human beings become stagnant and cease to grow without the assistance of change. Those who are able to realize this often delight in changes that occur in their lives. They see them as growth experiences that, although sometimes painful, can also be an opportunity for the improvement of life as they currently know it. Therefore, when an individual is positive-minded, it becomes easier look upon change as a favorable chance for the enhancement of their life circumstances. Contrarily, those who tend to dwell on the negative tend to fear and become distressed over virtually any type of change, and resist it mightily. Unfortunately, this could be caused by the fact that they have been the victims of a great degree of negative changes in their lives, and they have become conditioned to expect only that which will cause them difficulty.

We, as human beings, and the world around us, are changing with each passing moment. Though few of us would say that we prefer negative change to that which is positive, there is much to learn from both. Also, it is important to remember that, if situations are not to our liking, there are certain measures we can take to try to improve our circumstances. We may not always be successful, but we will feel better about ourselves if we know that we made the attempt. There is a distinct difference between those things we can change and those we cannot. However, a positive attitude can only serve us well when dealing with change, and be a helpful tool in decreasing some of the power that it holds.

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