Change and how People Deal with it

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"Change and how People Deal with it"
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Change can be a good and bad thing. In todays times, things change around us rapidly. Technology is progressing faster by the day. And technological change is good. Change in medicine, look what that change has done, in only the past 50 years. Wars do bring about change in the world. But, i do not feel that it is a cultural thing more than it is a technological change. Most wars are fought because of cultural differences. But, mostly they are personal.

But change on a personal level is good too. Sometimes we change jobs for the better. Which in doing that we might be getting paid more, or just better treatment, and so in that we feel better ourselves. But, sometimes change can be bad. As in, leaving a job for another, that we thought would be better, but turns out, it is much worse.

Bad change can be good for an individual though. Such as taking a new job out of town. At first, your excited that you have a new, better job. But, once there you realize you dont know anyone. So, you have to develop social skills. After developing these skills, and making new friends, you realize that your better able to communicate at work, and you do a much better job than before. Your boss really appreciate how well you communicate with the other staff and how efficient youve become because of it. He gives you a raise. All that, from just a change of location.

With that example though, we come to realize, that not all people handle change the same. Some people can take it in stride. Some do not. What we all have to realize, things are going to change, and most of the time, there is nothing we can do to prevent it. Once we all realize this, we can begin to find different ways to deal with change.

When things change, we have to find some way in which the new situation is familiar to us. When we can put a familiar face on it, it becomes easier to deal with. Although it may sound hard to do, since it is a change, something is bound to be the same. Say moving. There will always be familiar spots where locals love to hang out all the time. Once you find that, the change becomes easier. The similarities wont always be so obvious, but it does help to try and find them.

With change, we all need to realize that we have to deal with it. Change is flying at us all the time. If we can learn that we cant change change, then we can have a better attitude about doing something about making change easier on ourselves.

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