Change and how People Deal with it

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"Change and how People Deal with it"
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No matter what you do, change is inevitable. Too much change can be a bad thing depending upon the circumstance, however change is generally perceived as a good thing; it makes us unique individuals. Without it we could all more or less end up becoming the exact same person liking the exact same things - this would make for really boring world.
We begin experiencing change early on in our lives but we don't realize that we can influence it until much later. As we grow older, lots of things about us change: our bodies, our hair (more often with some people), our way of thinking, our likes and dislikes, and daily, on a more mundane level, we change our clothes and even our babies diapers. From a more analytical standpoint, take a motor vehicle, for example, it is imperative that you change the tires and the oil or it no longer becomes functional. In this case change is necessary. Most changes are gradual, making it easier for us to accept them and adjust. It is not impossible to adjust to a quickly imposed difference or change, however it will take some time to begin functioning normally on all levels. Each person has a way as unique as the individual with how they choose to adjust as well as the time it takes them to adapt.

Some people have no opinions about it at all, but some people anxiously await and accept change - even doing all they can to bring it about, while there are others who fear it and depend on a consistent daily process in order to function. Change, to them, disrupts the lifestyle that they have grown accustomed to. They are happy with their routines and will not make a change unless it is forced upon them, justifying this by telling themselves and others they have been fine up until now and are in no need of it. Change will unravel their whole sense of being. There are also those that long for change but do nothing to bring it about; instead, waiting for some random person or event to influence or affect their life. I can say from experience that there are women out there in unhealthy relationships who are desperate for a change but are too afraid to make one for the better, often finding that their relationships do change - but for the worse.

Sometimes change is needed but we cannot see the reason for it. We can get too comfortable within our lifestyle and perhaps we choose not to acknowledge the need.

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