Change and how People Deal with it

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"Change and how People Deal with it"
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Dealing with change can be difficult. Throughout our lives we have to learn to come to terms with change and accept it with open arms. At times, such as bereavement and divorce,his can seem an impossible task. However, change happens so often, even on a daily basis, that we must learn to go with the flow.

From a young age we have to adapt to constant changes. Friends and family, schools and classmates, pets and home, come and go all of the time. The seasons pass, and each new day brings different weather, new plants, leaves budding out all over the place or dropping into heaps on the pavement. We automatically adapt to the seasons because we have to. We may not always embrace the changes that they bring but at least we can accept them. As a child it is often easier to look forward to Winter, as it brings Christmas and possibly fun in the snow. Similarly Summer brings the long school Summer holidays and maybe days at the beach. Perhaps when we are young we just find it easier to look for the positives.

Obviously there are so many changes, from minute to huge, that affect our lives constantly, it would be impossible, and pointless, to try and list them all. However I think one of the types of change, which is hard for all of us to deal with, is change which is thrust upon us. If you decide to change your job and actively seek a new position it can be exciting and invigorating. However something as small as the manager of your office deciding to reposition your work station, could upset you greatly. If the manager had involved you in the decision making process there may not have been a problem.

In order to function well, and not be unnecessarily stressed, we need to accept change and take it in our stride. After all many of the small day to day changes which trouble us are inconsequential in the great scheme of things. Changes such as ill health and death are so significant we should really save our energy for coping with these sorts of issues. After all it is a sad fact of life that sooner or later all of us will have to.

I believe part of life's processes determine that all things must end. As such we need to look forward to changes and when possible see them as positive happenings. If we can do this we will cope with change much better and only worry about those changes that really warrant it.

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